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4 Hair colour mistakes that make you look older

Did you know that wrong hair colour can age you? Let’s look at some most common hair mistakes that can make you look older.

Fashion & Beauty By Ariba Khaliq / Aug 29, 2015

Are you colouring your hair right?

Isn’t hair colour meant to make you look younger? But you know it, and your friends too that ever since you coloured your hair, something doesn’t look quite right anymore. It is such a disaster when that thing you do to hide grays and make you look younger actually ages you. And it could all be your mistake. How? We shall tell you that in the next four points.

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You colour your hair too dark

If you go too dark with your colour, it creates an illusion of finer lines and wrinkles. Opt for a warmer tone that adds light reflection to your skin and lowers the harsh contrast that a dark shade can create. Adding subtle highlights is another way of creating dimension to an over-all dark hue.

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Or it is too ashy

Whichever colour you choose – from blonde to brunette – it shouldn’t appear ashy. An ashy shade makes hair look flat and inky. If your skin tone is pale, you should totally avoid the smoky look because it will make you look washed out. You can easily fix this by choosing warm colour for your hair so that your skin brightens up again.

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You got the trendiest hair colour

Dip-dye isn’t for you, leave it to the next generation. Lighter hair tips tend to make your face appear wider and age you. You should instead get highlights all over the length of your hair placed strategically. People with narrow forehead should get highlights done towards the top of your head and face. However, people with a wider lower face should get darker shadows around their cheeks and jawline.

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The hair colour is too brassy

If your hair colour has too much of reddish orange undertones, it will make your hair look dull and damaged – the classic signs of ageing hair. Also, the red tones make your skin redder and steal its youthful glow. You could however get brassy highlights done, just like Jennifer Lopez, to look younger and hotter. Just refrain from colouring your entire mane brassy.

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