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4 Everyday fashion choices behind your back pain

As much as fashion liberates us, it may hurt our back big time. There are certain everyday fashion choices that may be the reason behind your back pain. Find out your culprit.

Fashion & Beauty By Ariba Khaliq / Aug 14, 2015

Fashion hurts sometimes

Women sometimes have to pay a price for looking beautiful. Fashion might hurt your back. And all the whining about it doesn’t help at all. Stop a minute and think about how you could actually do something about it because you have no idea how serious this “hurt” is; especially to your back. All those everyday fashion choices could be causing your back severe long-term damage. But, what choices are we talking about here? Take a good look.


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The wrong bra

Wearing the wrong size is a big blunder. If you’re wearing the right size, but the wrong type, that’s a problem too. Skimpy and stringy bras put more pressure on your shoulders and back because there is less surface area for the weight to be spread over. Keep all those racy, lacy ones for super-special occasions only and avoid wearing them daily.


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High heels, duh!

Isn’t this one obvious? But, we will mention it nevertheless because we totally know how much you love those devils. High heels might be making your butt look great but they are totally blowing off your posture. The worst kind is stilettos and if you really want to wear heels often, go for wedges or block heels. Cushioning pads may offer some relief but make sure to take your shoes off and give your feet a break every hour or so.


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Super-tight skinny jeans

All skinny jeans aren’t bad. But, if you’re wearing those that don’t give your legs enough breathing space, you’re definitely in for some grave damage. Heard of the 35-year-old woman in Australia who collapsed after the skinny jeans she was wearing cut off blood supply to her calf muscles? The extra stress put by skinny jeans on your joints could get transferred to your spine. In fact, they could also hamper blood circulation in your entire lower body. Try out a pair made with a mix of denim and lycra which provides enough stretch and looks skinny as hell. Win-win!


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Chunky and heavy necklaces

It’s hard to resist them but admit it, wearing one for more than a couple of hours makes us slouch automatically. Chunky necklaces not made with heavy metal are a better option. Check that the one you’re picking is hollow and not solid. This type won’t bother your neck and spine much but will still give you the same look. If you absolutely have to go with the real deal, make sure you wear it only for bare minimum time.

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