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4 Easy ways to style long hair

Forget the pixie, bobs and lobs; long hair never goes out of style. Here are some interesting ways to style your long tresses.

Fashion & Beauty By Ariba Khaliq / Sep 15, 2015

Styling tips for long tresses

25 minutes is all we will take of your precious time, and will help you score some major style points. That’s because we will teach you how to style your long hair like a pro. Long hair never goes out of trend, though it is difficult to style. But, with our easy tips to style long hair, you will be red-carpet ready for every occasion. You can thank us later.

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Fishtail braid

The longer your hair, the lovelier your fishtail braid will look. FYI, it only looks confusing, but is super easy to do. Separate your hair into two sections, pull a thin strand from either section and then pull it over the other section. Repeat with the second section. In simpler words, the strand of section 1 goes over and finishes under the second section and vice versa. Keep alternating and you will soon see your fishtail forming. For a more intricate braid, you’ll have to work with thinner strands. You could also choose to make it neat or messy by keeping it tight or loose respectively. We prefer the latter.

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Perky side pony

Who doesn’t love ponytails? Women love to bounce it and men love their women in this chic and effortless hairstyle. But, if you’ve got long hair, it may be too heavy for a high, bouncy pony. Don’t be sad, we have an alternative for you which looks equally classy and is super easy to do. Simply sweep your hair back into a side ponytail and secure with a rubber band. Now, tease the hair at the crown and base to get the pony to pouf. Set it with some hairspray and voila! Your exciting version of ponytail is ready and you must tell everyone how great a hairstyle it is for girls with long hair.

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Call it a pouf, bump or a quiff, this is one of the best hairstyles for women with beautiful long hair. To achieve the perfect pouf, separate a section of hair on the crown, usually the first half of it. Secure it with a clear rubber band at about 1/3 the length. The place you secure the rubber band will decide the size of the pouf. So, for a bigger pouf, secure it farther away from your forehead. After combing and styling the remaining hair, place the secured section of hair down and secure it with bobby pins. You may leave it as it is or braid the rest of your hair. You could even do a side ponytail to complement your pouf.

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Big hair

This one is for girls who want their long hair to be fun, wilder and bold. Try this hairstyle for long hair whenever you want to take a break from your sleek, straight look. Use a maximum hold styling foam to enjoy a head full of sexy waves. Part your hair into sections and tease them individually, securing each one with clear rubber bands. Blow dry and let your hair cool down. Then unclip the sections and let your hair down. You can now style them as desired or just leave them to make a messy head. If your hair is super straight, you might need to use heat or curlers, but believe us the look is worth the tiny effort.

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