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4 Amazing maternity style secrets

Worried about what and how to style during pregnancy? Here are four fabulous maternity wardrobe secrets that you don’t even need an expert for.

Pregnancy By Ariba Khaliq / Aug 22, 2015

How to be a hip mama

While pregnancy poses a number of daily challenges, dressing should never be one of them. You don’t have to settle for tent-dresses and elastic-waist jeans during pregnancy because there are various maternity clothing lines and labels working to make you a chic mama. All you need is to learn to adapt your fashion sense according to your increasing size with the help of some styling tips. Here are four amazing maternity style secrets for you to look hip and happening even during pregnancy. Good-bye frilly pick grandma dress!

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Stick to your closet

Don’t buy everything maternity, just look for longer shirts, tunics and anything a bit more stretchable in comparison with your current wardrobe. Buying a maternity cardigan is stupid, a button up cardigan that is already in your wardrobe is all good.

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Avoid the oversized

Tent dresses may look trendy and fun on the thinner you but wearing it on an added cup size and a small bump will make you look sloppy instead of pregnant. Those new found curves need not be hidden but accentuated. If you’re wearing a loosely fitting garment, tie a belt under the bust to flaunt that empire waist. Or, if a drop waist top is your favourite, let a belt with a larger buckle hang on your hips for a more bohemian look.

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Don’t forget to accessorize

Your maternity wardrobe needs to have only a few basic essential pieces because your size will continually grow for over the next months and you really won’t need them after the delivery. You can always mix and match those pieces until your due date. Adding fun accessories is the best way to make your wardrobe look like a million bucks. Wear a statement necklace with a simple jeans and t-shirt or wrap a scarf around to add some depth to a neutral toned jacket. And the best part is, unlike maternity clothing, you can carry these accessories to your post-delivery style.

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Invest in good denims

Jeans really should be a staple to your wardrobe, whether you are in maternity or not. Dark maternity jeans can be dressed up during the week and dressed down over the weekends. Dark ones particularly look richer than other shades and are more versatile than a lighter one. You can splurge a bit on your denim because they’ll be used more than most maternity pieces.

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