2016 to 2017: Make a healthy transition

Dec 15, 2016

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    Start with good changes

    The decision to eat healthy foods takes time and effort but the results are always worth it. New year should begin with better decisions and what can be better than deciding to turn to healthy eating habits. Don’t miss the great opportunity of a new year to turn yourself into a healthier person. Image source : Getty

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    Switch to fruits and vegetables

    Fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that help fight diseases. Prepare a list of all the fruits and vegetables you should eat every day and during your weekly diet to meet the recommended nutritional requirements of your body. Completely quit on junk food and stick to only fresh fruits and vegetables. Image source : Getty

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    Drink better beverages

    They say you are what you eat, but you are also what you drink. If you are into drinking soda, bottles teas, energy drinks etc., you should pay some serious heed to the benefits of avoiding these drinks. Switch to healthier drinks such as sparkling mineral water. Moreover, no beverage can be better than a glass of fresh clean water. Drink ample water every day and avoid unhealthy beverages. Image source : Getty

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    Start healthier cooking

    If you love to eat fried food, or just enjoy a nice meal cocked with lots of oils and fats, you seriously need to make some changes for your new year. Replace hydrogenated oils with healthier oils such as olive and canola oil. Also, prepare your food in a healthier way. Frying adds lot of oil and fat to your plate, so it is better to broil and bake your food. Image source : Getty

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    Quit Smoking and reduce drinking

    Well, you don’t need another reminder for this one as you already know there is nothing worse than smoking for your health, but you can’t complete a healthy transition without quitting the butt. Completely quit smoking and reduce your drinking to moderate levels, which is not more than one drink in a day. Image source : Getty