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15 Tips to allergy proof your home

Fed up of allergies? It's time to make your home allergy-proof with these simple tips. You will be able to eliminate all the allergens from your house.

Mind Body By Meenakshi Chaudhary / May 15, 2014


There are some allergens in your house that can cause you and the family members several kinds of allergies. Here are the tips to turn your home into an allergy-proof one. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Identity the Allergen

The most important part is to identity the allergens that are causing the allergy. Once you've established what causes your allergies, you can start eliminating the specific allergens. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Avoid Carpets

Carpets can be perfect home for many allergens like dust, pet dander and pollen. If possible, replace the carpets with hardwood or other impervious flooring. It is even more important to get rid of the carpet in your bedroom. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Dust Free Bedroom

Dust is one of the biggest problems when talking about allergies. Cover everything in your bedroom to save it from dust. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Allergens from Outside

Use couple of door mats, one after the other at the entrance of your house to prevent allergens from entering your home. However make sure that you clean the doormats regularly. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Keep Shoes Outside

When someone, including friends and family is about to enter the house, kindly ask them to leave the shoes outside. That way you will prevent so many allergens from entering your home. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Vacuum Cleaner

If your cleaner doesn't meet the latest standards, get yourself a new vacuum cleaner. Also make sure that the filters are effective and clean. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

No Toxic Cleaning

Effective cleaning is very important for keeping an allergy-proof home; however some chemical cleaning products can actually lower the quality of your indoor air as they might be toxic in nature. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Cleaner washroom is the ultimate requirement for escaping allergens. Use an effective cleaner and get the washroom cleaned on a regular basis. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Close all the windows and rely on air conditioning during pollen season. Also clean the mold and condensation from window frames and sills regularly. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Choose easy-to-clean furnishings and items made of leather, wood, metal or plastic. Avoid upholstered furniture as it wouldn't be free of allergens. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Clean everything that collect dust, such as tabletop ornaments, books and magazines. Store children's toys, games and stuffed animals in plastic bins. Image Courtesy: Getty Images.



Bathing pets at least once a week may reduce the amount of allergen in the dander they shed. Also keep animals out of the bedroom. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Find a new home for potted plants or spread aquarium gravel over the dirt to help contain mold. Otherwise it will act as a source of allergens. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Your refrigerator can be home for mold growth. Wipe up excessive moisture from it to prevent the mold growth. Regularly empty and clean the refrigerator and clean moldy rubber seals around doors. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Food Waste

Keeping the kitchen free of food crumbs will help reduce the chance you will have rodents or cockroaches. Follow these tips to get an allergy proof home. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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