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15 Things to Help you Stay on Top of Your Game

There is no shortcut to success. It is a combination of drive and direction. Here are 15 things that will will take you to the top.

Men's Health By Himanshu Sharma / Apr 25, 2014

Reaching the Top and Staying There

There is no shortcut to success. It's a combination of drive and direction. The drive comes from hard work and you can give yourself direction by being smart. You can work your way to the top and stay there if you work these out together. (Image source:Getty)

Be Kind and Polite

Treating others well and being nice to them will impress them. It shows you value them. Be kind to those around you and think about what you can do for them. They will notice it and you feel better about yourself, too. (Image source:Getty)

Put Smile on your Face

Meet people with a smile on your face. This way, you make a great impression on them as they make a pleasant perception of you from the moment you meet them. A smile on your face is known to improve the mood, reduce stress and lower your blood pressure. (Image source:Getty)

Be Prepared

When you are to meet someone, prepare for the meeting beforehand. Give yourself more time than you think you'll need.  Be on time for the meeting; it suggests that you're in control and that you respect them and their time. (Image source:Getty)

Always Look at the Bright Side

You need to analyse what is working in your life and what isn’t. Try to picture things on the greener side and do what you can to make things better. This is important to keep moving ahead in life. (Image source:Getty)

Put Behind Bitter Experiences

If things don’t seem to work or you’ve had bitter experiences, move on. When you put the past behind, , then only you can look forward. Look out for what lies ahead and gain the edge to succeed. (Image source:Getty)

Run for the Long Run

Life is more like a marathon than a sprint. To go the distance, you need to keep running. Take pride in what you’ve got today and what you may win tomorrow, but keep in mind that the race is to stay ahead till the end. (Image source:Getty)

Pursue your Dream

Have a strong zeal for what you do, you will achieve a lot and be happier. If your dream is other than your work, make time for it. Think about what excites you and how you can chase that dream. (Image source:Getty)

Make Time for yourself

It is wise to take a break for yourself. It's not a wasted time, but the time you need to rejuvenate yourself, your energy and put aside all the sources of stress. Take time off regularly and you'll make a stronger comeback. (Image source:Getty)

Laugh Out Loud

There is enough scientific evidence to suggest that laughter is good for blood vessels, helps your heart and relaxes the body. Whenever you’re stressed, enjoy a comedy movie or a show with friends and a lot of good will come through. (Image source:Getty)

Be in Control

Maybe you are good at cracking jokes on people, but you must have an idea of when it is enough. If you drink alcohol, limit it to no more than two drinks a day. Better set limits; overdo it and your thing may backfire. (Image source:Getty)

Mind Your Etiquettes

Many adults don't have a clear understanding of manners and etiquettes. Good manners give people a positive impression. This is why it is important to put your best fork forward at meal time. Little things, such as maintaining good posture, chewing with your mouth closed and excusing yourself from the table when you get up, make a big difference. (Image source:Getty)

Take your Grooming up a Notch

Men don't play with make-up, but they should do what it takes to look their best. Look younger, shave closer, whiten your teeth, and keep your skin & hair healthier. That is all! (Image source:Getty)

Pay Heed to Accessories

Your socks, shoes, tie and watch, all are being noticed. Dress for success, look sharp and don’t leave a stone unturned. (Image source:Getty)

Volunteer and Give Others

Those who volunteer tend to have better self-esteem, sense of purpose and happiness. Moreover, they are more likely to enjoy stronger relationships with those around them. If you give others, it’s your gain, too. (Image source:Getty)


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