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12 Tips for 365 nights of great sex in marriage

Most people are of the view that marriage brings end to the hot sex however, by following these amazing tips one can have active sex throughout the 365 days of the year.

Snr By Meenakshi ChaudharyApr 01, 2014

Sex Life

Experiencing poor sex life in your marriage? Here are the amazing 12 tips for you that can help you have a 365 days active sex life in marriage.

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Get Fit

Being physically unfit or overweight, besides posing risk of several health problems, can take a toll on your sex life. Get physically fit or lose some weight to have an active sex life otherwise be prepared to have sex once in a while.

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Quit Smoking

Smoking can ruin your sex life as well as your relationship with your better half as adds some toxic substances to your blood streams which ultimately results in hardening of arteries. It gives you a frequent problem of high blood pressure which can even cause erectile dysfunction and hence poor sex drive.

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Ample Sleep

Ample sleep is very crucial for a 365 day long active sex life. Both the partners must get enough sleep on a regular basis. Lack of sleep gives you fatigue and reduce the libido. However, too much sleep can also be harmful for your sex life as you need be awake and active for sex.

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Dress Sexy

Active sex life doesn't come on its own. You often need to seduce your partner to have a passionate encounter. Dress sexy, especially the way your partner likes you the most. A surprise sexy appearance can drive your partner crazy.

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Kill the Problems

If you want to have a passionate encounter with your partner make sure that both of you have nothing in your mind that can force you to back off. Problems in relationship are common sex drive killers. Negative thoughts can ruin your mood at any time. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Explore It

People lose interest in sex after sometime once it becomes a routine to them. This is one of the biggest killers of active sex life in a marriage. To keep it alive you need to keep exploring with sex. Add new things to your encounters including some surprises and twists to have a sex life that never gets boring. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Make it Fun

Make sex a fun-filled part of your day. Make it more interesting and joyous by leaving surprise love notes in your partner’s pocket, experiment with new positions and activities. You can even try sex toys and sexy lingerie to make it more pleasurable. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Don't be Depressed

Another important tip to have an active sex life is to avoid depression as it can cause several health problems including erectile problems, obesity, heart problems. The many consequences of depression include the drop it causes in your libido. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Tell What Turn You On

While your partner may try everything to please you, still you make like few things more than others. Tell your partner what turns you on and ask him/her to do what you like the most. Conversation is the key to an amazing sex life in marriage. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Try New Places

People usually take their bed as the only place to have sex which allows only restricted sex. Try to have sex at new places like your kitchen, bathroom, on the couch or any place you have ever fantasized about. It can boost your otherwise dull sex life. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Quit Alcohol

Alcohol abuse not only harms your overall health, it can also reduce the production of important vitamins, hormones and cholesterol which are necessary for the production of testosterone. Less testosterone results in poor drive for sex. Quit alcohol or switch to moderate drinking to have an active sex life. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

Change the Routine

Take a break from your hectic life and recharge yourself for your partner. Take a vacation and enjoy some quality time together with your partner. Sex will automatically start to make you better once you are relaxed. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

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