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11 Things You Need to Accept in Your 20s

Living the twenties is exciting and liberating. However, you will start to find out that there's a big learning curve. Many wanted and unwanted changes may come your way after you have graduated.

Mental Health By Jul 18, 2014

Things You Learn in Your Twenties

Twenties is exciting and liberating. However, you will start to find out that there's a big learning curve. Many changes may come your way after you have graduated. You may find it hard to learn about life and acknowledge them. The sooner you learn, the better you will be at leading a great and successful life. (Image source:Thinkstockphotos)

Things May Not Be as you Imagine them To Be

When you were young, there were so many things in your mind such as the job you imagined for yourself and a happy life. Not everything will be like how you imagine. But, that’s OK. (Image source:Thinkstockphotos)

You may Grow Apart from your Friends

Things change when you are in your 20-something. You may have to relocate, get into a relationship and will have a job taking up a lot of your time. These may put your friendship in the backseat. Rather than resenting each other for that, enjoy the time that you have to spend together. (Image source:Thinkstockphotos)

First Love isn't the Last

There is no better feeling than the feeling of falling in love. Once you fall in love the first time, you will know how good it feels. If it doesn’t last, don’t give up hope. You can always meet or find better people in the world. (Image source:Thinkstockphotos)

Your Opinion about Things may Change

You may not feel the same way for something or someone the way you used to. You're going to change your mind about things as you grow older. Keeping your mind open to multiple possibilities is the best you can do. (Image source:Thinkstockphotos)

Nothing is Permanent

You may think that teenage-madness will never end. Unfortunately, nothing in your life is permanent. You may not realise it, but such is life. You have to keep moving and embrace change, accepting it as a necessary thing. (Image source:Thinkstockphotos)

Nothing Comes for Free

You might be happy with above the average grades in your college degree, but it isn’t a ticket to success. To work your way up to the top, you have to keep putting in efforts. You are going to have to constantly prove yourself. (Image source:Thinkstockphotos)

Fairy Tales are just Fairy Tales

When you do find your special someone, realise that he/she is not going to be perfect. Romantic relationships can sometimes seem so perfect and at other times, so imperfect. Don’t waste time looking for perfection in others. (Image source:Thinkstockphotos)

You Might Feel Lonely

Sometimes, you're going to feel alone. Everyone has his/her share of ups and downs. There will be moments when you’ll feel that you are floating in the ocean all by your lonesome self. Just remember to come stronger from the moments you felt abandoned or alone. (Image source:Thinkstockphotos)

You may Fall on your Face Multiple Times

The reasons can be many; you could fall down because of a failed relationship, a poor job or just about anything. It is inevitable. You have to learn from your mistakes and get back on your feet stronger than ever. (Image source:Thinkstockphotos)

Feelings of Attraction may not be Mutual

If you think that your being good to them will make them be good to you, you need to think again. Not everyone is going to like you no matter how hard you try. Do you think that it's possible to be universally liked? It isn’t! (Image source:Thinkstockphotos)

You're not going to Look 20 Always

Your body is supposed to change with time, just like everything else in life. Nothing in your life is permanent, not even your appearance. (Image source:Thinkstockphotos)

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