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11 Health Problems that can Affect Your Sex Life

Know the potential health worries that can hinder your sex life and take appropriate action to stop them from doing so.

Snr By Ariba KhaliqFeb 18, 2014

Not Now Honey

Not now honey, can we do it tomorrow... I am too tired darling, not today please... Are these phrases haunting your bedroom daily? Some passion-killers can affect your sex life causing your marriage to hit the rocks. Know the potential health worries that can hinder your sex life and take appropriate action to stop them from doing so. Image Courtesy- Getty Images

Back Pain

Back pain can greatly rip you off your desire to make love but, there is a solution to it. The trick is to find the most comfortable position for you. You may have to adopt a ‘trial and error’ method for it. Your partner may be too pleased to help you. Image Courtesy- Getty Images


Regular lack of sleep can make you too tired and grouchy to even think about sex. The solution is to make sure that your bed is only ever used for sleep or sex. Leave all other disturbing elements outside- be it phone, TV, or laptop.  So if you're lying awake fretting, you've got two choices: make love or get up and leave the room. Image Courtesy- Getty Images


Menopause is again a very serious sex-drive killer. Lower oestrogen levels can lead to vaginal dryness, so use plenty of lubricants. Try pelvic floor exercises, too: contract the muscles as if trying to stop yourself peeing, hold for a count of 10, then relax. Repeat 10 times. Image Courtesy- Getty Images


Yes, the one stop cause of all other problems in life- stress lowers your testosterone levels, quashing your libido in turn. A healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise will help lift your mood – and you could try a relaxation technique such as meditation or yoga. Or try having sex in the morning when you're less consumed with the day's worries. Image Courtesy- Getty Images


If arthritis affects your hips or back particularly, sex can prove to be a real challenge. There are also plenty of ways to lessen any discomfort and feel more relaxed- like sensual massages that can be incorporated in your foreplay. A massage or a hot shower with your partner will help relax joints and muscles. Image Courtesy- Getty Images


Asthma causes breathing difficulties, coughing, and wheezing which can adversely affect your sex life. Talk to your doctor about taking a couple of your prescribed preventative medicine around 15 minutes before sex. Changing position may also be a good idea: the missionary can exert too much pressure on the chest, for example. Image Courtesy- Getty Images


You shouldn’t allow headache to ruin your sex life really. Change your attitude! In fact, sex can actually treat a headache. According to a recent US study, around 61% of women experience some kind of relief from headache after sex. It is because sex releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin which helps you relax. Image Courtesy- Getty Images


The skin condition can make you uncomfortable and self-conscious about your body during sex. See your doctor and get the condition under control. Also, stop sulking by yourself, talk to your partner about how you feel. The chances are he doesn’t mind your condition; he may not even have noticed how your eczema looks. Image Courtesy- Getty Images


This is another condition that requires an attitude-change. Of course, it better not to be overweight for your all-round health but, if you are embarrassed about taking your clothes off because you don’t want your partner to see your lumps, think again! Numerous surveys have shown that men actually prefer curvy women. Learn to embrace your curves- they are sexy! Image Courtesy- Getty Images


The hormone surge during pregnancy and your changing body causes your sex drive to go yo-yo. That’s normal. But if you're experiencing a 'normal' pregnancy without any complications, it's totally safe to continue having sex. You may want to experiment with positions as the baby bump grows. Image Courtesy- Getty Images


Whoa! Depression is the ultimate damager of – well, everything. Depression can affect your sleep, spontaneous activities, including sex. Scientists don’t know enough about chemical changes that occur in brain during depression. Admittedly, in some cases, some depressed people manage to maintain normal sex lives. You can try to be one of them. Make a little more effort. Image Courtesy- Getty Images

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