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10 Worst High-sodium Foods for Kids

Even if your child has a sweet tooth, salty snacks and other salty foods have a special place in their life. However too much of salt means too much of sodium. High sodium content may be harmful for your health. Help your kids escape sodium overdose

Exercise & Fitness By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Oct 14, 2014

High-sodium Food

People enjoy adding salt to their foods and why should't they; after all, it adds taste to the food. Too much salt in your diet, however, means too much of sodium which may cause high blood pressure. Here are some high-sodium foods that can be bad for you and your kids. Image Courtesy: Getty



Canned soups usually have high salt content for they need to taste better than others, but it may not be a healthy choice. The average sodium content in a cupful of soup is usually higher than around 700mg. You can make your soups with fresh vegetables and a pinch of salt. Your child will love the homemade soup as well as escape the harm that too much of sodium can do. Image Courtesy: Getty


Pasta dishes cannot taste good without sauces, cheese, meats and seasonings, however, all of these add to the sodium content of the dish. Usually a pasta dish may have around 1000mg of sodium in it which can be harmful for your child's health if he/she enjoys feasting on pasta dishes. Image Courtesy: Getty


Pizza is also rich in sodium and a regular slice of pizza may contain around 500mg of sodium. Avoid getting your child pizza every time he/she asks for it. Instead cook healthy dishes from fresh vegetables with reasonable salt content. Image Courtesy: Getty


Cheese usually comes with high sodium content right from the shelf. Although, your kids may like the regular cheese, you should pick from those cheeses that are low on sodium. A regular cheese slice usually has around 250mg of sodium. Image Courtesy: Getty

Chicken Nuggets and Patties

Does your child love chicken patties and nuggets at food chains? If your answer is yes, you should know that four pieces of chicken nuggets served at McDonald's has around 360mg of sodium. Help your kids switch to healthier food items. Image Courtesy: Getty


Apart from loads of salt, packaged food giants usually add sodium in the form of additives which takes the sodium content to higher levels. Salty snacks are usually highin sodium. A bagful of potato chips usually contains around 165mg sodium. Prepare healthful snacks for your kids at home. Image Courtesy: Getty


Cold and Cured Meats

Cold meats usually taste less salty if you cut back on it. The food giants then add more salt to regain taste. Avoid too much of such meat from getting into your child's plate. Every 100g of such meats may contain 400mg of sodium. Image Courtesy: Getty


Check the nutrition facts before ordering your kid's next sandwich. Also skip the deli cheese condiments. A regular subway sandwich may contain 900mg of sodium.  Image Courtesy: Getty

Bread and Rolls

Between carbohydrates, yoga-mat chemicals, and now sodium, bread gets a pretty bad rap. Choose your bread based on the sodium content. Image Courtesy: Getty


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