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10 Ways to say “NO” to Proposals on Valentine’s Day

If you have been fearful of Valentine's Day because of proposals that you wish never happened, here are polite ways of saying no.

Dating By Bhadra KamalasananFeb 14, 2014

Saying No Politely

Frilly boxes of Ferrero Roccher, human-sized pink teddy bears and a trifle overdone heart-shaped balloons outside (and inside) eateries can be reproachful for a lot of us women because all they do is echo the bad experiences of men hovering with roses since grade school. Your first thought? "God damn it! another Valentine's Day is upon me!". Well. save heart because we have brought to you the 10 politest ways of putting a desperate creature out of your way. Forever.

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Prepare Yourself

Learn to spot the signs of an unwanted request coming your way. Some obvious tip-offs are "I wanted to speak to  you about something..." or "I have been wanting to ask...". But, the guy could also be showing some subtle, non-verbal signs such as clearing of throat, a drawn-out small talk or a sudden absence of eye contact. The moment you spot these cues, give him some excuse and walk or plan your next course of action.

Start with the Truth

Out of a trunk of date requests that you get on Valentine's Day, most of them will be from those you are not even a crack interested in. To such requests, show your obvious reproach, but politely. Tell the guy that you are not interested in him. Do not let your inflamed cargo deck fall off that is until he gets frantic and persistent. Remember, you do not owe every guy who loves you an explanation as to why you are not into them.

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Show the Friend Card

If your BFF comes to you with a surprise proposal and you have no more feelings than you would have for a BFF, let him know you would rather remain friends with him. What a compulsive dilemma this is! But, if he accepts your proposal, you lose nothing.

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Give the Funny Ones

Nothing else blows out of the water for a guy more than knowing that the woman whom he is asking out is HIV positive or that she had gone to jail for drug trafficking. If you are lucky, he would be smart enough to take the signals and move out of your life, but if he is not, you are marked for certain mental death.

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Let him Know that you "Wish" you could say Yes

Letting your admirer know that you sympathise with his proposal, but can really do nothing to grant it, for whatever reasons, will help you to soften the blow of your no. You could say, "I would love to date you because you are just the person I want to spend time with, but I already have someone else in mind."

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Take a Pause

You do not always have to put down a proposal with a verbal no. You could just take a deep breath and pretend to be thinking over it. The more room you give to silence, the more ammo you accumulate to put him off. Pausing for a bit and pretending to be considering the request buys you enough time; so much that the guy will tell you to take your sweet time and let him know what your decision is later.

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Let him know how your Past Relationship is Haunting you

If you have had one in the past or not, let the guy hoping to be your prospective date know that you just cannot move on and it will be deceitful to utter those words of love to him when you do not even mean it.

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Confess about your Sexuality

We mean about your pseudo sexuality. Tell him you’d have thought about the proposal had he been a woman. That would tattoo ruts on his stomach. Make it clear to him that you look at men and all that comes to your mind is a father figure. He will vanish in no time.

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Unleash your Psychopathic Tendencies

He would be scared to death to have even prided in his gut to ask you out. Research a little on the creepiest forms of psychological disorders that exist and let him know that you are suffering from one of those. Make it sound as abnormal as you possibly can. To add to the brewing fear, you could narrate some of the shuddery stories from your life, existent or hypothetical.

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Do Not be Sorry

A sinful mistake that all women make when a guy approaches them with a proposal is floundering around and giving explanations as to why they need to beg off. The more you keep telling and feeling sorry for putting off the proposal, the more time you give the guy to change your mind. Besides, apologising profusely would just make guy feel that you are uncomfortable with your decision.

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