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10 Ways to Identify a trustworthy Lover

There are so many ways in which you can identify a trustworthy partner, find out here.

Dating By Arka Roy ChowdhuryMar 21, 2014

Identify the Love

Love is what makes the world go round, and there is no doubt that the everyone is looking for the right one. Giving yourself body, mind and soul to someone is easy, but it is not easy to judge the person so well. What if you have made a wrong choice? Here are ten points that would make you identify a trustworthy lover.

Sex Question

Sex is a beautiful choice that you take and you indulge in it with the person who means a lot to you, do not make it a random thing for you to share with anyone. It is your choice whether you want to have sex or no and no one else can force you into it. So, if you have a trustworthy partner then he or she will not keep nagging you to take you to bed.




Trust Factor

When you like someone you should be able to trust in that person very easily. By trusting we do not mean that he or she says how he or she would always be with you or is going to do something and you believe it. By trust we mean how well are the words matching the actions.

Decisions Taken

A person who loves you will ask you before taking a major decision. You will not wake up one fine morning and find something out of place in your life. A trustworthy partnert is he or she who will not change your life in order to suit his or her needs.

Always the Same

It is often seen that partners tend to change their tone and mood after the so called honeymoon period. If you partner does not do so then he or she is trustworthy. A trustworthy lover is he or she who knows your worth and will be the same loving person throught his or her life.

Desire to Commit

A trustworthy partner will committ with time and will not run away from the whole thing. Commitment comes from maturity and you can say that your partner is a mature person if he or she knows what commitment is. If your lover is pledgeing to be with you because he or she loves you then he or she is serious.

Responsible Person

Your lover is the right trustworthy person for you when you see that this person is responsible and doesn't run away his or her duty. A partner who does not take your as a burden is the one who is responsible for you and would like to take you as a part of his or her life.

Joy and Sorrow

A trustworthy partner is he or she who is there by your side during your times of sorrow and also during your times of joy. Therefore, if your lover is trustworthy enough then he or she would make you feel better during your bad times and will celebrate with you during your happy times.

Honest Person

A trustworthy person is he or she who is honest enough, that is why honesty is the best policy. When your partner is honest it means that he or she will never do anything behind your back, even a mistake or a sin would be confessed. An honest person is he or she who lives with the guilt of doing something wrong.

Independent Choices

A trustworthy partner is he or she who does not allow his or her ideas and thoughts to be worked on you. A person who is trustworthy is the one who would allow you to make your own decisions.


If you are in love with a trustworthy person then love will spark itself. You will not have to look for any sign, just being with him or her will make you feel great and that is the trait of a trustworthy lover.

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