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10 Ways to get dirty this Valentine's Day

If you really want to increase the level of excitement this Valentine's Day then make it dirty and hot. Here are some tips!

Fashion & Beauty By Arka Roy ChowdhuryFeb 14, 2014

Making it Hot this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day has this mushy and very romantic feeling about it. The first thing that strikes our mind when we think about Valentine’s Day is roses, or may be candle light dinner. Have you ever thought of making it dirty? Having a dirty and erotic Valentine’s Day? You have to have a bit creative in order to get your way through a hot and sizzling Valentine’s Day. Here is a thought away from roses and posies!

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An erotic declaration

This Valentine’s Day you will write your lover a letter, but it is not just any love letter. It is pages after pages of erotic fantasies. You will write about all the dirty things that you would like to do to your lover, you will add all your fantasies, do not spare anything. Just write all that is in your mind, and give it to him or her right at the start of the day.

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Morning love

You could otherwise make sweet love the first thing in the morning. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to partake in the act of physical love the first thing in the morning? It would be epic, and we bet you want to be part of it. So, go over to your lover’s place early morning and just do the deed! This will definitely be a pleasant surprise, not something to be forgotten easily.

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Naughty reminder at work

Now it’s too bad that Valentine’s Day is not a holiday, but that makes it even more interesting. We are guessing that you will meet your better half later in the evening and therefore you can keep the fire burning by sending dirty texts and ladies could also give a short trailer in the form of a naughty picture. Can you?

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Buy her lingerie

One of the ways in which you can heighten her level of excitement is by buying her expensive and sexy lingerie. Most men find it difficult, but you could take help from an experienced friend or a girl friend of yours. Go for a sexy lacy satin one and ask her to put it on for the night. You are ready to go!

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Role play at length

Now we know how the role play thing works, but if you want it even more exciting then you should elaborate the whole thing. Have a long role play, Start from outside your home and finish it inside home, use your imagination and play out your hottest fantasies. It is Valentine’s Day, who cares! So, do it all.

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Strip tease

Now ladies, the fact is that men do like a bit of strip tease. The best part is the tease actually. So, if you want to dazzle your man then you could prepare a show for him. Do a strip tease, and tease him until he cannot take anymore, then move to lap dance and he is definitely yours at least till the next Valentine’s Day. (Sorry, after that any man would need a recharge).

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Sensual massage

Do you know that the touch of your hands make the best massage for your lover? This means that you can keep please him or her right at home by yourself. All you need is some massage oils, preferably those that smell good, and a mat. You are your lover’s messues for the day, and you will definitely be the best that he or she ever had.

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Make it dangerous

You know you get adrenalin rush when you are scared, and now image so much of adrenalin along with this craving for sex will be lethal combination. Therefore, you could tie your partner to the bed and blindfold her. Do not give her any hint of what is going to happen to her. When she doesn’t know what to expect it will be the best for her.

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Outside the bedroom

Take the act outside your bedroom because bedrooms are boring. Go to the kitchen instead; there are a lot of options there. You have a refrigerator in the kitchen that may have ice cream, Hershey’ syrup, ice, alcohol, fruits, and what not, and these can come very handy during the act. Also, you have a slab in the kitchen that can be used! Now go figure.

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Let the night roll away

Now away from all the sizzling hot things, here is a final tip. If you want this night to be a memorable one and if you really care for each other then let this night roll away in each other’s company. After all the hot things that you have done it would be really good to lay awake in each other’s arms and talk. When love is in the air you then ought to breathe it.

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