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10 Ways to Fight Your Fears

Tired of submitting to your fears and missing on the big opportunities? These important ways will help you fight and effectively beat your fears. Now a fear will never stop you from living your life the way you want to.

Mental Health By Meenakshi ChaudharyMay 03, 2014


One of the biggest enemies of mankind, fear can ruin lives as it forces you to surrender and miss the important opportunities. Here are the best ways to beat your fears. The first and most important way is to understand your fear. If you know it better you have better chances of beating it. Image courtesy: Getty Image

Take Time Out

It becomes almost impossible to think clearly when you feel fear or anxiety. Fast heart beats, sweating palms and getting panicked and confused are the result of adrenalin. In such situations, the first thing you should do is to take time out for yourself to get calm down. Try to distract yourself from all the worries and tensions for 15 minutes by walking around, making a cup of tea or having a bath or listening to your favorite music. Physically calmed body will make you feeling better and you will be able to decide on the best way to cope. Image courtesy: Getty Image

What's the Worst that can Happen?

When you get anxious about something it makes you think through what the worst end result could be.  But the worst thing that can happen is getting a panic attack. If you tend to get a faster heartbeat or sweating palms, don’t fight it instead simply feel the panic without trying to distract yourself. The panic will go away on its own in a while. The goal here is to help your mind to get used to coping with panic and taking fear away. Image courtesy: Getty Image

Expose yourself to the fear

When you try to avoid fears you only make them scarier. If you panic getting into a lift, it's best to get into a lift and stand in the lift and feel the fear until it goes away. Instead of running way from fears, face them to fade them for forever. Image courtesy: Getty Image

Welcome the Worst

Embracing the fears makes it easier to cope with the next time they strike. You can try to imagine the worst thing that can happen and that fears you the most such as having a heart attack then try to think yourself into having a heart attack. It's just not possible. The fear will run away the more you chase it. Image courtesy: Getty Image

Get Real

Those who are coping with day-to-day fears and anxieties must get themselves checked by a professional. Image courtesy: Getty Image

Don't Worry About Perfection

A common reason behind fears related to performance comes from the desire to be perfect. However it is even more common to understand that no one is perfect. So instead of expecting to deliver perfect outcomes, just give it a best shot. Always be natural and work harder for results without wanting to be perfect. Image courtesy: Getty Image

Imagine Positive

Use your imagination to visualize something positive and safer. It could be an old memory or a place you like to visit or a person who inspires you to keep going. Let the positive feeling overcome your fear. Image courtesy: Getty Image

Share It

The strength of a fear lies in your loneliness. It is most powerful when you are completely alone. To weaken the fear talk about it with friends or family. It will allow you to feel safe and relax. You can even consider sharing it with a therapist if no one else is around. Image courtesy: Getty Image

Back to Basics

The easiest way to forget a fear is to get a soothing and uninterrupted sleep. However fear often leaves you sleepless, so instead of trying too hard to sleep just stay awake and do something that can help you feel better. Sleep, a good meal and a friendly are often the best cures for fear and anxiety. Image courtesy: Getty Image


Set rewards that you will give yourself after beating your fear. It can be a treat of your favorite dish or something else but it will surely help you to beat that fear. Image courtesy: Getty Image

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