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10 Ways to feel better about how you look

You may look nice or just fine; however you will never be happy with your looks if you don’t feel good about it. Here is how you can feel better about yourself and the way you look.

Mind Body By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Oct 08, 2014

Feel Better, Look Better

You may look nice or just fine; however, you will never be happy with your looks if you don’t feel good about it. Here are the best ways to feel better about your own look. Image Courtesy: Getty

Stay Fit

Stay healthy and fit to appreciate yourself. An unhealthy body with charming looks cannot beat a just fine face with a healthy body. Look after yourself and develop a healthy lifestyle. If you feel healthy and fit, you can be sure that you look nice all the time. Image Courtesy: Getty

Appreciate Others

Appreciate everything positive you see or hear from others. Once you start appreciating their looks you will eventually start appreciating yours as well. You will soon realize that you are more happy with your looks now. Image Courtesy: Getty

Don’t follow what you see on TV

Make your own opinion about looks and fashion. Don’t just follow what the media shows you. Understand your own likes and dislikes and appreciate what’s best in you. You can never look better unless you follow your own guts and thoughts about beauty. Image Courtesy: Getty

Don’t Compare

Stop comparing yourself with every pretty face you see. While they can never be you, no one can carry you the way you do. Don’t compare yourself with others, just groom yourself and stay hygienic and healthy. Image Courtesy: Getty

Don’t Be Eager To Change

Just keep things the way they are. If you are always looking to try just anything that is trending around you only for the sake of achieving that hypothetically perfect look, you will be dissapointed.  Such look may never exist because you already have it. You are beautiful, you are pretty, and you are smart. All you need to do is just concentrate on what you have rather than on what you could. Image Courtesy: Getty

Define yourself, not your Look

Define your way of life with more of self-esteem and inner qualities rather than just the outer look. Focus on what you like about your overall personality, relationships and perspective on things. Once you understand yourself, you will like yourself more. Image Courtesy: Getty

We all Look Bad

Looking bad is nothing unusual. We all look good and we all look bad. You should just figure out a way to make your bad look better.  Don’t freak out when you feel bad about your the way you look. Stress will only make you look worse. Image Courtesy: Getty

Don’t Listen to Others

You may feel excited on hearing someone compliment your look and rejected when someone put a black spot on it. You'd be a happier person if you appreciate your looks and understand that people are more about character and emotions than looks. People who don’t appreciate you as a person can never actually appreciate your looks despite being given countless compliments. Image Courtesy: Getty


There is no better way to look better instantly. Add a smile to your face and increase your prettiness manifolds. A genuine smile on your face can beat even the most expensive make-up kit at making you look better. Image Courtesy: Getty

Forget The Mirror

Just give your mirror a break. It’s time you stop worrying about your looks all day long. Have a thorough analysis of your health and lifestyle and try to improve it. Image Courtesy: Getty


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