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10 Ways to Enhance Your Emotional Quotient

Emotional quotient is the emotional intelligence of a person. Understand what it takes for a person to raise his or her emotional intelligence to a superior level.

Mental Health By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Mar 05, 2014

The Question of Emotion

Emotional quotient means emotional intelligence and this has a direct and positive effect on your energy level. If you have an improved emotional intelligence you will gain in most spheres of your life, be it relationship or personal development and stress. High emotional quotient means to have superior emotional intelligence which would balance your life in every aspect. In simple terms emotional quotient is your way of coming to terms with your emotions and accepting it, without getting tangled with anger and anxiety. To come to terms with a situation and confront it head on is what it means to enhance your emotional quotient.

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Identify your Feelings

You must be able to identify your feelings, whatever that may be. The one sure way to do this is to get in touch with your feelings in an effective and manner and to communicate with it. Some people do not tend to understand what it is that they are feeling or why they are having a particular feeling, these people are confused and have low emotional quotient. You need to identify your feelings, sit and contemplate about your inner most thoughts and you will know the answer.

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Understand Others

When you are living in a society with people around you, then you have to understand that every one of those people have emotions of their own. These emotions need to be recognised and you have to be compassionate to them. By understanding others emotions you will help yourself to come in contact with your emotions. You need to consider their feelings, and this is especially true with respect to how they perceive your messages.

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Become Open Minded

You need to broaden your horizon at first. When your mind is open with the help of understanding and reflecting internally it becomes easier for you to deal with the conflicts. You will realise that you can deal with such conflicts in a more calm and self assured manner, and also you will find yourself socially aware with many new possibilities opened up in front of you. Seek answers to questions and be curious, come to terms with the world around you and the billions of inhabitants in it. Only then will you understand emotions the best.

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Be Selfless

A selfish and introvert person lacks what it takes to be a good human being, and consequently has trouble in coping with emotions. You cannot see life through the eyes of your needs and wants, but you have to look at all those other people who are surrounding you. If you strengthen this element you will be able to communicate in a better way with other and therefore you will experience stronger and open relationships.

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Know Thyself

A person who knows himself or herself well can never be emotionally unstable. If you pay attention to yourself you will understand yourself well and you will be aware of your innermost emotions. You need to be aware of who you are and what you are capable of. You need to know that this is when your emotions are bound to swell, and this is when this can happen. You should be able to analyse yourself well.

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Delete the Triggers

When you come to terms with the triggers that cause your emotional turmoil you will be eliminate them. You need to delete the triggers that cause emotional instability, because emotional instability is a very big factor for a low emotional quotient. Your emotional intelligence is at an all time low if you are unable to take control over it.

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Avoid Negativity

A lot of people allow negativity to affect them and this stands a problematic factor for them. You depreciate your emotional intelligence by giving in to negativity and making things much worse than they actually are. You need to avoid external and internal negativity in order to be void of such passion and emotions. There is only one way to life your life with all your emotions in place and that is by being positive.

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Remain Calm

It is very important that you remain calm and composed most times. By acting rationally and calmly during difficult situations you can allow yourself to have better relationships personally and also professionally. A person who has high emotional intelligence does not allow his temper or anger to stand in between his social behaviour.

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An Optimistic View

There are exceptional benefits of being optimistic and living a happy life. By being optimistic you are making it easier for yourself to see the beauty of life and the world around you. By being optimistic you are becoming open minded and this can be very crucial for improving and enhancing your emotional quotient. Try and see things in a positive light instead of a negative one.

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Overall Health

It is very important for you to look after your overall health, which means both your physical and mental health. Try to be as healthy as you can by exercising regularly and eating the right kind of food, and always get enough rest. Keep your mental health at its peak by thinking positively and avoiding all sorts of negativity.

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