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10 Tips to help you make the most of your workout

Everybody wants to make the most of their workout. If you have a healthy exercise habit that is a good mix of fun and fitness, you will see the results.

Exercise & Fitness By Himanshu Sharma / May 27, 2015

Prepare your muscles

Muscle preparation is an important part of a workout. Prepare your muscles for exercises that you’re about to do with stretches and warm-up moves.


Abide by the rule ‘Do or do not’. Commit and don’t straddle in between wanting to get fit and actually doing something about it. Make a plan and stick to it! Use positive affirmation or winning mantra to keep going.

Stay on schedule

It is your will that will form habits. Choose the right time for exercise, be it morning, evening or night. Once you decide the time, stay on schedule. Results will come with consistency.

Ask for help

Don’t be the know-it-all guy! Talk to a trainer; take their opinion on your exercise form, workout plan and progress. Don’t let anything break your efforts. Be sure what and how you work out.

Challenge yourself

We perform better when we compete! Challenge yourself to think it is about win or loss and you will be motivated to do well. You can go all out against the clock or set a new one-rep max. Don’t set the bar too high!

Try new things

Walking the treadmill is not the only thing you have to do but there’s a whole world of fitness out there waiting to be discovered. Try swinging a kettlebell, jump rope or a dance form. You can make exercise combos mixing strength and cardio exercise into circuit-based workouts.

The right intensity

If you love to run, you have to prioritize pacing and mileage to get the best out of the activity. Likewise, add some intensity to other exercises and variety to workouts.

Eat and Exercise

It is always "eat and work!" Not paying attention to nutrition is one of the most common workout mistakes. Proteins and carbohydrates are of utmost importance. Our body requires protein to rebuild while carbs are our body’s main source of fuel.

Forget the scale

Number obsession can be unhealthy! You need to ignore what the scale says. Focus on turning up your body’s fat-burning potential and forget everything else!


Workout and recovery go hand in hand. If the recovery protocol is not right, there can be damaging consequences. Give the same importance to sleep as you give to your workout!



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