10 Tips for taking time out for yourself This summer

May 01, 2014

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    Summer needs special attention so you need to take out some time from your hectic schedule just for yourself to live a healthier and happy life.  In the middle of work tasks and list of household chores you may be wondering how you can possibly capture some of the enticingly lazy feeling of hot summer days. Here is the sneak in the things you can do this summer. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Clear Your Head

    Meditation or yoga help you feel more relaxed and calm by relieving you from the stress. Meditation and yoga help in regulating the brain waves responsible for our conscious and make the brain less busy. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Forage for Finds

    Losing yourself in a stroll around a flea market or neighborhood garage sale would be a good idea. Add adventure and hunt for treasure as it can help you snap out of your routine making you more enthusiastic. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Create a Musical Escape

    If you find it difficult to leave the house you can always turn daily household chores into relaxing moments by playing classical music, or some other type of music that you find soothing, while you are folding laundry or preparing dinner and cleaning your house. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Join some “Time off” Team

    You can also arrange play dates or sleepovers with people who have been as busy as you are and looking forward to have some good time for themselves. Spending your night off unwinding with friends at a cafe or coffee house would also be great idea for that matter. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Just Say No

    It wouldn't be considered bad if you push back few projects or sometimes let the dishes sit        for a few hours so that you can take time out for yourself. There is nothing wrong in saying no now and then. It's is very essential to have some free time to go for a walk, solve a crossword puzzle, or watch your favorite TV show. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Bury Yourself in a Book

    The silence in the library encourages relaxation as the cool air can be a welcome relief when the temperature outside is on rise. Flip through your favorite magazines or you can also go for a fun summer read.  But make sure you don’t carry any tensions or stress in your mind so you can truly immerse yourself in the experience. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Go green

    Take a nature walk; eat lunch outside as spending time outdoors helps in resetting the natural rhythm. Don’t miss any opportunity to get outside as this what which will help feel like you are part of the summer season. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Talk to the animals

    Sure, the zoo is a great place to take the kids. But feeding the ducks and watching elephant’s splash in their pool is a great way for grown-ups to unwind too. Playing with your pets at home is another fun way to enjoy some animal company. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Get Schooled

    You can also sign up for that ceramics or pastry class you have always wanted to join but could not find time for it. This learning experience will not only fuel your creativity and but also give you a chance to make new friends with similar interests. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    Stop by the Silver Screen

    Spend a rainy or sticky summer day at the movies instead of sitting at home. Go and watch some comedy movie as it good for your mental health to laugh and feel like you’re putting your interests first now and then. Image Courtesy: Getty Images