10 Things You Should Know As a Parent

Jan 26, 2014

  • 1

    How to be a better parent

    Parenting is not an easy task, even under the best of circumstances. Parenting is more difficult than you think, but if you know a few things, you won’t really notice.

  • 2

    It’s not a race to grow and develop

    Everybody is in such a rush these days. Parents must pay attention to the ground that supports their child’s life, but not rush things. Don’t weigh down your kids, burdening them with your expectations.

  • 3

    Children need to connect with surroundings, nature

    Parents are too scared to let their kids go out on their own, they keep them in all the time. Let them explore, roam around in the neighbourhood and play in the dirt. Let them play freely under the sky.

  • 4

    Children take their own time to learn

    Children don’t get just one chance to learn something but many. Learning may not come fast all the time, sometimes it is slow and quiet.

  • 5

    Discipline is not same as punishment

    Discipline is important during upbringing of a person. But, the definition of discipline for many parents is spanking or punishing. Discipline means to teach, not to beat.

  • 6

    Trust innate skills more than parenting books

    It is not that parenting books or advice in any other form is bad, but parents must trust their instincts. Get a perspective, put the book down and do what matters the most to you and your family.

  • 7

    Parenting is learning for you

    You were not born as a parent. Every time you will feel like you have mishandled children or your spouse. Parenting will bring you face-to-face with yourself; you may struggle at first, learn and get better.

  • 8

    Look at a big picture before stepping into their space

    You may scold them about their choice of clothes or haircut. But, before you step into these small things, look at the big picture. Your kid may get out of your hands if you keep yelling at them. Sure, you don’t want that

  • 9

    Parents set an example for their children

    If you don’t eat well yourself, how can you expect your kid to eat well? Not just about eating, kids see parents and follow them. Set a good example.

  • 10

    Admit your mistake, make up for it

    There are times when you feel that you shouldn’t have hit your kid. Don’t feel like the worst parent; try not to take it so hard. It happens to everyone, but you must realise it and make up for it. Apologise to your kid, there is no shame in it.