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10 Things to Learn From Cancer Survivors

We take life too seriously and keep on postponing things that matter to us. But, cancer survivors have come close to being dead and it changes their outlook towards life. We can therefore, take amazing life lessons from people who have survived cance

Mental Health By Ariba Khaliq / Sep 02, 2014

Beyond the Zilch

Nothing can be more inspiring than reading about the survival stories of cancer patients who fought against all odds to cope with their condition.  With there being many cancer patients, there are myriad survival stories that we can learn different lessons from. Here are certain things you can learn from some breast cancer survivors and find hope in them.

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Be Who You Are. Unapologetically

Cancer survivors become courageous. They roll their eyes when people give them funny looks when they are roaming around the shopping malls bald. They say what is on their mind without worrying about offending anyone. They just can’t be diplomatic. They laugh often and with all their heart. They don’t make excuses and explain themselves. They wear what they want. They are what they are and they aren’t sorry for it.

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Don’t Take Nonsense from People

After surviving cancer, people don’t want to please everyone. They don’t care anymore what everybody else might think. If you might die in a year anyway, why care about what your aunt will say about the way you live your life. By the way, any of us could die anytime, and we might not even have a year with us. So, why think about others before doing what we really want to? Why let others decide the course of our choices?

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Say No When You Want to

When they don’t want to go to the gala, people who have survived cancer, say no. When they want to be alone, they wouldn’t attend a gathering just because they can’t refuse someone. Nobody can pressurise them to do something against their will. What about us?

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Feel the Anger and Let it Go

It is okay to be angry. People who survived cancer do that all the time. They question things that make them angry and refuse to be treated like crap. They demand and get respect. They feel angry, they forgive, and then they let go. They don’t stay annoyed, and keep the bitterness inside. We should learn from them to express our anger and then to release it.

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Beauty is not to be Obsessed About

Hair and make-up doesn’t really bother cancer survivors. They don’t care if their breasts are looking perky enough in a dress. If they still have breasts, they are happy about it. They are happy to be living, even if it is in a wrinkled skin. And imagine the fuss we make about having a bad hair day.

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Don’t Wait to be Happy

Don’t postpone what makes you happy. Bucket list doesn’t ever get done if you won’t kick it. Ask people who have survived cancer as to what they feel when they are on death bed and are thinking of all the things that they wanted to do. If you don’t like your job, quit. If your husband is a cheater, leave him. Prioritize your happiness. Cancer survivors live like they mean it. We should do the same.

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“I Love You” Should be Said Often

Cancer survivors have no words in their lives that they leave unspoken. Just like them we don’t know when we might run out of time (read life), and we don’t want to go without saying what we wanted to. We don’t want to take along the guilt of not telling people how much we love them. It is a task to love someone and not tell them. Trust us, you don’t want to take that risk.

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Take Care of Your Health

How often do you appreciate your health and look after it? We usually take our body for granted and risk it to various diseases. Respect your body, stop smoking, eat healthy and limit your drinking habits. Maintain weight that is healthy and avoid stuffing your body with toxins. Sleep enough and enjoy your life.

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Prioritize Freedom

Money can’t buy happiness or health. Being a workaholic never helps and when you are six feet under the ground, your bank balance doesn’t help you. Taking hours of stress only makes you sick. Free yourself of the job that takes more than it gives. Free yourself of all the pressure that your work causes. Go easy on life.

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Take Risks

Cancer survivors have felt fear and told it to get the heck out of their lives. They know the fact that life is worth living and they have done just that. They realise that fear is powerless and the real joy lies in taking risks. If you want to go sky diving, paragliding, or bungee jumping and haven’t done that for the fear of your life, do it. Live like a king and live like there is no tomorrow.

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