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Add These 10 Things to do Sexually before You Die to Your Sexual bucket List

Go ‘sexperimenting’ with our crazy ways to have the time of your life. Here is a list of 10 sexual things to do before you die.

Snr By Ariba KhaliqMar 25, 2014

Are You Playing it Safe

And not getting the most out of this short life? Like there is a bucket list for life, you should have one for sex also. Go ‘sexperimenting’ with our crazy ways to have the time of your life. These ‘sexcapades‘are the ones you should try before you die. Some of these can be done in the context of a loving, safe relationship, while some we will have to leave for the singles among us. Here is a list of 10 sexual things to do before you die. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Sex on the Beach

You must have watched people doing it in films. Wonder why can’t they just get a room? Because it’s a lot more fun! Get down and dirty on the beach. For a romantic experience, do it in the wee hours of the morning.  Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Flick the Bean

Masturbation helps release tension and de-stresses you. Get some self help while watching some porn. Or ladies, do it in front of your guy and see how excited he gets. Go a second round with him. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Go Down the Trail

You should do it in deserted vicinity and in the monsoons. Wear a white shirt minus the lingerie and walk a trail while it’s raining. Your man wouldn’t be able to restrain himself from ogling at you and join the romp in the grass. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Silent Sex

For once, follow the rule of ‘pin drop silence’ while you are having sex. No moans, no sexy grunts are allowed, just have soundless love. You could dig your nails into your partners back and watch them control themselves. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


The Quickie

Wear a really short and flared skirt and remove your panties. As you see your man rushing for work, bend down to show him that you are ready for a quickie. He would be too tempted to ignore or refuse. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Wild Sex

In the wilderness- a killer combo! Make slow and sensual love in a tent and experience bliss with the sounds of birds cooing and the crickets chirping. Image Courtesy: Getty Images



The Sinful Sex

With a stranger! Are you raising eyebrows? Well, sex with a stranger can be incredible. Just remember to sneak out in the middle of the night so that you don’t have to have the embarrassing morning-after talk. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Get Set Wet

Have sex in the water; believe us you will be thrilled. Just make sure the water body should be clean. You wouldn’t want to miss out on an adventurous, exhilarating experience. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Become the Food

Double up as a plate and surprise your partner by lying naked on the table and placing the food strategically on your body. Let them savour you along with the food. They will never want to eat out of the plate again. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Sex in the Air

Make love in the washroom of a plane. They are so tiny that you will love the proximity and the passion might just double-up. You must try mid-air sex at least once in your lifetime. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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