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10 Things To Do Before You Get Into A Relationship

If you have forever wanted to be by his or her side then here is a side note. Know all that you should do before getting into a relationship.

Dating By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Jun 12, 2014

Before taking the Plunge

If you have been toying with the idea of getting into a relationship with the person you consider to be the one for you, then you should stop and give it a very serious thought. It is nice, a good feeling in fact, when you are close to this person, when you are suddenly reminded of him or her. When you are throwing signs that you wished to become a part of a new love, part of a new person. Most times we leap into a relationship without giving it much thought, and in this process we tend to lose out on some very important aspects, which then could lead to heartbreak. Consider these ten points before getting into a relationship.

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Question Yourself

This is very important so that you are clear about what you really want. Do not be misguided because your body is acting differently and you are thinking about him or her all the time. Do not be so smitten with your first kiss, just be sure of what you want at first. Can you handle a relationship at this moment? Do you have the courage to take this forward and go on till the end?

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How Honest can you be?

Honesty is the bed rock of all relationships, this is what builds trust. Therefore, you should be able to be honest with the person with whom you are thinking of starting a relationship. If you have told him or her any lie, then you must come clean and say what the truth is. Do not ever start a relationship based on lies, no matter how white those lies are. There is no place for dishonesty in a relationship. Are you prepared?

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You have to Give your All

If you look closely at the relationships around you, then you will notice that people who last long in a relationship really do a lot. You have to work and work to make things good, and at no point can you give up. There will be numerous bad days and you have to change them to turn them into good days. It is all up to you, and you have to be ready to take up a great deal of task.

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Know what you Want out of your Life

This is a very important thing that you need to get clear about, because you are nothing without your dreams and your aspirations. You should always be very focused at self improvement and try to strike a good balance between your relationship and your personal life. Also, a relationship should not be clingy with a come let me kill you embrace. It should be a way of life, and it should make you and your partner stronger.

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Does it Strike Well?

Do the two of you strike gold when together? This is important because you cannot have a relationship which is boring. A boring relationship can kill the two of you to the extent that you will not want to be together anymore. Do you have enough fun together? Do you enjoy each other's company? Find out these things before you really jump into it.

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Know the Definition of a Relationship

Do you know what a relationship is all about? Find out on this before you get into one. Do you know the commitment level that is required from you? Understand if this is the relationship which you always expected and whether this person is the right one for you, the one who would marry you and you want to have children with. Long term relationships are very difficult to handle, be sure of where you are headed.

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What are his/her Passions?

Understand yourself and the person you are wanting to make your partner. He or she must be having passions and interests, and it is your duty to appreciate them and give support to this person, no matter what you may stand for. So, if you really cannot stand for something and your ideals clash, then make sure that you do not go into the relationship.

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Go out on a Date

Go out on a date and see how this person reacts, what he or she has to say. Spending time together is a great way to know each other, and this is surely a good option. Go on a date and see how your partner is with you in public, how he or she orders food, how he or she talks to strangers, how he or she drives, and everything else! If by the end of the day you love all of it, then well its just great!

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Physical Intimacy

In the long run physical intimacy is extremely important, and so some would say that it is a good idea to make some love before you actually date. We will not tell you which base to hit, but we just want you to have an idea of what you are getting into in the physicality of the entire thing. Make love and find out!

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Have an Arguement

This may sound bizzare but it can affect you later on in life, so clear the air now! Have an arguement and see how he or she reacts. Is it about wining or is it about coming to a truce by accepting? Then finally how good is your potential partner at forgiving and forgetting? These are some very important things that you must understand.

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