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10 Things Only Your Best Friend Knows About You

Your friends think they know you, but only your best friend knows and compliments your inner whacko. Here are 10 things only your best friend knows about you. After all, they are called “best friends” for a reason.

Dating By Ariba Khaliq / Mar 13, 2015

You’re My BFF!

There are acquaintances, friends and then there are those few people who you just cannot imagine spending a day without. We call them best friends. What is it exactly, that separates them from the rest of your friends? Here are 10 things only your best friend knows about you!

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Your Entire School Life

From the colour of your school uniform to the day you had your games period to the mischief you got suspended for – there’s nothing they don’t know about your school life.

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Your Choice in Films and Food

They know that one movie you love to watch a hundred times but are embarrassed to admit in front of people. Plus, they know your favourite restaurant because you take them there every week and they know exactly what you’re going to order there.

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The Ugly You

They remember all your bad haircuts and make the world remember them; with the ugly pictures they click and upload.

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The Struggling Days of Your Love Life

They know who your crush is without you even telling them. They also know about all those times when you proposed to girls way beyond your league and got rejected in the most hilarious ways.

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Almost Everything about You

They know what time you sleep, what time you wake up, and what time you poop. They know what totally pisses you off. And they also know that one thing that always cheers you up!

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Your Awkward Moments

They know your favourite dance move that always gets you going on the dance floor. And, they know all about those embarrassing times when your parents walked in on you doing things that can’t be mentioned here.

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They know how your mind works. In exactly three guesses, they can guess your Facebook password. They also somehow manage to see the lock pattern on your phone! In fact, you tell them all your passwords because you need them to do “stuff” for you.

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Your Pick-up Line

They know that joke you crack in front of every girl you meet for the first time. They even know every little detail of your stupid fights with your girlfriend and the silly names you call each other by.

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The Weird Things Your Family Does

Forced exercise at 10 a.m. on the weekends, eating rice food with our hands, lots of screaming (usually because that’s how we talk to each other) — you name it, they’ve seen it all. They know your equation with every family member in your family. They know how strict your dad is and use it to their benefit to get you scolded all the time!

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That You Love Them

And most importantly, they know your silence. They know what it means and they know how to make things okay. Lastly, they know the last dialled contact on your phone – because it’s always them! And last but not least, they know how much you love them. Just the fact that you guys are close enough for them to know these things is proof right there.

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