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10 Things not to Say to a Woman in Bed

Relationships and sex have unwritten rules. There are things that a guy should never say to a woman in bed. If you don’t have a clue what we’re talking about, read here.

Snr By Ariba KhaliqJul 14, 2014

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Well, all of us get a little carried away in the heat of the moment, but some things are better left unsaid, especially if you want to keep your lady happy. Some things are fine to say or ask at other times of the day but blurting them in bed? Umm, they could bring things to a screeching halt. And, you don’t want that. Consider the following phrases or questions to be the holy grail of ‘worst things you could say during sex.’ Image Courtesy: Getty


“No, Not Like That”

Ever heard of constructive criticism? Well, don’t apply it to your woman in bed. She won’t like it. Yes, her sexual skills may be below par, but criticising her then is not encouraging. Don’t just say things like “what are you doing!” in the heat of the moment. Instead, frame it positively and tell her what you would rather prefer her trying. Being polite and suggestive can make a huge difference. Image Courtesy: Getty


“I Used to Do this to my Ex and She Loved it”

Your present girl is different from your ex and therefore, she might find different things pleasurable in bed from that of your ex. So, relying on past experiences is a bad idea. And for God’s sake, please don’t discuss your past encounters with your current girlfriend; you might drive her completely crazy. So, keep phrases like, “Let’s try this position that I did one time with...” to yourself. Image Courtesy: Getty


“I have to Leave Super Early in the Morning”

Mentioning that you can’t spend any more than an hour in bed with your girlfriend is a major deal breaker. Things like “I have to be out of here at 4 a.m. in the morning” will make her feel insulted. If you must mention your plans about leaving early, wait till you both are done or make a mention before you hit the pleasure chord. Image Courtesy: Getty


“I Wish You had More Curves”

Saying this will hit her how “Are you in yet?” will hit you. When naked, women are extremely vulnerable and insecure. Loudly fantasising about other women’s bodies is a big no, especially if your woman is not as curvy. All you will do is kill her libido by making her self-conscious. Wondering what’s that weird red bump on her back? Ask her and you’d shut her down immediately. Image Courtesy: Getty


“When will You Come?”

Good or bad sex is not defined by an orgasm so, stop asking her if she is about to reach the climax yet.  By doing so you’re putting way more pressure on her. If she did reach the climax, she will know by herself, but it’s important for you to remember that for a woman having an orgasm does not equal having a good time in bed. Image Courtesy: Getty


“Let’s get it Over With”

Yes, you’re craving for a quickie, plus you’ve to leave for work in an hour, leaving you with barely enough time to have a quickie. You think your girl will understand, right? No, she won’t. Especially, if you frame it this way. Image Courtesy: Getty


“Can You Grab my Phone?”

The entire human race is addicted to the cell phone and so are you. But, that does not mean you should use it in bed. Let it go to voicemail and you will be doing a favour to yourself and your partner. Image Courtesy: Getty


“Let it Be, I will do it Myself”

We get that sometimes masturbation can be even better than sex. But don't throw in the towel if your partner isn't exactly blowing you away. Communicate, show her what feels good, and try to avoid uttering this phrase. Image Courtesy: Getty


“Oh, Scarlett Johansson, yes!”

While there's absolutely nothing wrong with a little visual fantasy, keep Scarlett’s name—and the wholesome curves—strictly in your mind. Don’t blurt out the name of your celebrity crush or worse, your ex. Image Courtesy: Getty


“That Reminds me, I’m out of Corn Flakes”

In the words of every sports coach: Get your head in the game! You're having sex, after all. Besides, the more you're able to cut out distractions, the more likely you will be able to bring her close to orgasm. Image Courtesy: Getty

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