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10 Things Everyone Who's Trying to Lose Weight Must Know

Millions of people try losing weight and fail at it, mostly because they are not doing it the right way. Here’s what you need to know to lose weight quickly; persistence and careful attention to the details is the key.

Weight Management By Himanshu SharmaApr 08, 2014

Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight

Millions of people try losing weight and fail at it, mostly because they are not doing it the right way. They hear endless advices about dieting, burning fat, but still can’t shed pounds. Here’s what you need to know to lose weight quickly; persistence and careful attention to the details is the key. (Image source:Getty)

Seek a Feeling of Satisfaction after a Meal

A feeling of satisfaction, not a feeling of being physically full after a meal will help you not to have more. If you want something else after a meal every time, you are adding calories and not helping the fat-burning process. (Image source:Getty)

Eat Proteins to Lose Weight

Most individuals trying to lose weight have a notion that protein helps you gain weight. The truth is – lean proteins help sustain energy levels and contribute to daily energy. Combine proteins with natural fat foods for satiety. (Image source:Getty)

Whole Food Options will Serve you Best

Incorporate a choice of whole foods to reduce the amount of food that needs to be eaten. The whole food choices keep your hunger down and you tend to snack less throughout the day. (Image source:Getty)

Exercise at a Higher Intensity

Higher intensity exercises, both cardiovascular work and resistance training, have been known to help burn fat. A more vigorous exercise ensures that oxygen reaches the cells of your body more easily, which helps utilise energy better. The more you exercise, the more calories you will burn. (Image source:Getty)

Improve on your Dietary Habits

A weight loss diet and bouts of activity are not enough to lose weight; you need to improve on your dietary habits to achieve your weight-loss goal. To lose weight, you must drink as much water as possible, practice portion-control and eliminate all added sugar and salt. (Image source:Getty)

Choose the Foods you Like

A diet plan for weight loss doesn’t have to be strict if you have to stick to it. Choose foods that you like; list down healthful, low-calorie foods that taste good and accordingly make the diet plan. (Image source:Getty)

Don't Get Caught up in Counting Calories

Keeping track of the calories consumed and burned is what most weight loss approaches advise, but it is too difficult to do it with accuracy. You may end up consuming less calories than your daily requirement. (Image source:Getty)

Set a Realistic Goal

You cannot lose weight overnight or in a week. Think twice about what you can reasonably expect to be able to lose, considering your routine and lifestyle. And, accordingly define a goal that isn’t too difficult for you to achieve. (Image source:Getty)

Don’t Skip Meals

Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. When you miss a meal,  you feel hungry; to make up for the miss you may end up consuming more calories than you should. Moreover, there could be a spike in blood sugar levels and your weight-loss efforts may get affected. (Image source:Getty)

Fasting can be Quite Risky

Fasting is considered one of the quickest ways to lose weight. During a fast, you eat absolutely nothing and drink only liquids. You may miss out on several important nutrients besides putting your health at risk. (Image source:Getty)

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