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10 Telltale Signs that Your Relationship Needs Urgent Attention

How do you know when your relationship is not just going strong? Learn those telltale signs.

Dating By Ariba KhaliqMar 28, 2014

Your Relationship is Like a Newborn- It Needs Constant Care

And yet, you may not need to clean the poop in it every now and then, a relationship does cry out in its own way for your attention and help. But how do you know when your relationship is not just going strong? Sometimes you may get a feeling deep down inside; at other times you may just ignore it calling it a “bad phase.” But, it always helps to read the writing on the wall to save your relationship from heading for splitsville.  Learn those telltale signs. Image Courtesy: Getty Images



You Want Everything Your Way

You have become the bulldozer in the relationship who wants the bathroom, the weekend, the vacation- everything the way you like it. The more you bulldoze, the less you spend time with anyone other than just yourself. Celebrate your partner for what they bring to the relationship. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


You are Getting Bulldozed

Or you may have become mute- the opposite of bulldozer, where you quietly follow how your partner wants the relationship to be. This makes you both drift apart like magic. With time you know each and like each other less and less.  Image Courtesy: Getty Images


A Breakup Means Petty Concerns for You

If you have reached a point where the thought of breakup will scare you about losing your joint account, you seriously need to put some care to your relationship. “I would miss them so much” should never be replaced with “I will lose my car.” Image Courtesy: Getty Images


You Are Distracted

Even when you two are spending quality time with each other, if you look for checking your emails, or washing, you are not giving it the two essential things for a healthy relationship- being present and focused. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


You are Fantasizing about Other People

This doesn’t comprise going to Adam Levine’s concert and thinking he is good looking. But daydreaming about being with someone else, that too repeatedly is certainly “giving away the jewels” that should be given to your partner. Save the magic of your relationship. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


You’re Not Doing It

We mean sex. If you can remember every episode of your favourite scandal and not the last time you two had sex, it is the biggest disconnect. Sex is a great way of reconnecting with your partner, soul to soul. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


The Dates aren’t Fun

You don’t look forward to going on a date with them, or even getting dressed up for it? You seriously need to give a thought about how to bring back fun and then go have it. Avoid talking about the subjects that make either of your upset on dates so that your date night doesn’t turn into a “dump night.” Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Their Calls Disturb You

The showers of attention that once made you glad are now turning a reason to groan? Not good! Get a sight of the fact that this person loves you and just wants to connect with you. This should more precious than any of your entry in your “to do list.” Image Courtesy: Getty Images


You Fiercely Hate Your In-laws

They are family and you should make every possible effort to bond with them. Never forget that the person you love so much today have been born, raised and made what they are today by their parents. And you should be thankful to these folks. To accept your partner wholly, you have to accept their parents. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Theirs is a Good Relationship; Ours is Not

Why would anyone want to compare their relationship to that of others’? If you find yourself continually comparing your relationship to other relationships, you likely aren’t focusing on what makes your relationship great and unique, and making it even more so. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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