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10 Super Stylish Ways to Drape a Stole

As chilly winds run across the streets, it is time to pull out the stoles and scarves covered with dust in the corner of your wardrobe. Here are some stylish ways to turn your casual outfit into a fashionable one.

Fashion & Beauty By Vasudha Bhat / Jan 13, 2015

It's Time to Dig in the Wardrobe!

As the chilly winter winds creep inside your pullover, it is time for you to pull out the stoles and scarves from the dusty corner of your cupboard. Wearing a scarf is easy but the hard part comes when you have to decide which style to sport on which occasion. The best part about stoles is that along with being a necessity, they have become a fashion accessory that can transform your normal outfit into a stylish one. So, here are some ways in which you can drape your scarf or stole to suit every occasion.

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Modern One-Loop

This is the most casual and chic way to carry your stole. This style is not gender specific and looks stylish on both men and women. To make this style perfect, drape your stole around the neck with one end hanging almost at the waist level and the other end lower than that. Now, wrap the longer end around the neck once. Check the length of both the ends and adjust the height to make it the same. This style works the best when you are wearing a causal pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Image courtesy: blog.lillypulitzer.com

European Loop

An easy to make style, this can works with several casual outfits. This too is a unisex style thus, looks fashionable on both the genders. Fold the scarf in half so that you have two loose ends in one hand and a loop in the other. Now, wrap the scarf around your neck and put the loose ends through the loop to form a knot. Adjust according to your comfort. Pair this style with a jacket to make your look trendier.

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Classic Drape

This is the simplest way to drape a stole, scarf or even a shawl. This is a style that suits women of all ages. However, it is not a look that would suit a man. To have this look, drape the stole around the shoulders in one complete loop. Tuck the loose end back into the loop at the nape of your neck. To achieve a chic and modern look, wear this with jeans or tailored skirt and top.

Image courtesy: blog.junglee.com

Infinity Drape

This style is often considered to be a more finished version of the modern one-loop. Wear the stole around your neck and knot the loose ends together. Now, use the large loop around your neck to form a figure 8 with one loop around the neck. Make the second loop go inside the 8 around your neck to finish the styling. This style is most suited with a casual outfit. However, if you wear a scarf which is made of luxurious material like silk or pashmina, you can wear it with formals too.

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This is a popular style in which the scarf can be worn to add style to a very casual look. Loop the scarf twice around the neck and make sure that the loops are small. Take one of the loose ends and tuck it into the loop at the nape of your neck. Adjust the fabric at this end of the scarf to make it look like a waterfall. Make sure that the other end of the scarf is so short that it gets hidden behind the fall.

Image courtesy: blog.dormify.com

Bunny Ear

Wear the scarf over shoulder and make sure that one end is longer than the other end. Make a loop with the longer the end around your neck twice in the same direction. Make the same end that you looped around the neck, fir through the second loop and tie a simple overhand knot using both ends of the scarf. Make the loops over knot to make the two ends dangling off the loop, slightly to the side.

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Wear the stole over the shoulder keeping one end significantly longer than the other end. Take the longer end and loop it around the neck three or four times in the same direction. Tie a simple knot with both ends of the scarf and then tie another knot to make use of the excess fabric. Tuck in the knot underneath the loop to hide the excess fabric.

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