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10 Signs your Relationship is Rock Solid and is Going to Last

Here are 10 signs that will tell you that your relationship is rock solid and is bound to last for long.

Dating By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Apr 25, 2014

Lover's Rock

While certain relationships grow, there are others that may fail. It is heartbreaking to see couples fall apart and then you fear about your own love story. What seems like a perfectly healthy relationship may not be so, and that which seems dicey may in fact be better than you think it is. Are you in a relationship that is rock solid? Find out.

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Change your Looks

If either person in a relationship dresses and changes his or her look in order to attarct the attention of the other then that is good news. Yes it is true that we all do change a bit to please our partner, but changing looks and looking better all the time in order to attract the partner is something special, it means that you are still very interested to please this person, and would probably do so all your life. If this happens in your relationship, then you are good to last long.

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The Comfotable Silence

The two of you like each other's company to such an extent that it does not matter whether you are talking together. When you two are together you can simply be quiet and enjoy each other's presence. The very presence of your better half makes all the difference in your life!

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You are Happy when Apart

Unlike what most people think, staying apart and having your life lived in an independent fashion is good. Because this means that you are not together because you have to be so as to feel safe, secure and happy. You are a couple because you want to be together. When staying apart you do not moan and groan, but you are happy knowing that you have your love in your heart.

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You Spoon and Sleep

Studies have shown that those couples who spoon and sleep are the ones who are in a happy relationship. The level of hapiness decreases as the distance between the two of you increase in bed. Spooning and cuddling is a wonderful way of knowing that you love the other person well.

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You Argue Well

You are a terrific couple if you have a matured arguement with good conversation. Arguements that end up in fisty cuffs or hurling abusives, or screaming are signs of a very bad relationship. If the two of you find the need to resolve an arguement and come to a conclusion then it is good, if you are worried about winning, then it is a state state of affairs.

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You can Talk about Anything

There is a sort of intimacy in talking to each other with an open mind and broad outlook. People usually find it difficult to open up and share their feelings but if you can do this with your partner without any trouble then it is great news. You cannot be afraid to feel vulnerable around your partner or hesitate to open up in a confident manner.

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Solid Love Making

If the two of you have an exceptionally crazy sex life then we must say that you are game. The sign of a very happy couple is that they are capable to keep their sex life vibrant and exciting. A dry spell means that you are not that good a couple! So, are you kissing much lately?

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Your Care is Genuine

All these phony 'I care' sign boards aside, you are a good couple when you genuinely care for each other. A relationship that is build to last for long is the one that is built around the foundation of love and care. Caring not just during sickness and but also when he or she is in good health. Caring for the small things is that which counts.

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You Enjoy being Together

It sounds an obvious trait, but many couples do not really enjoy to the fullest with each other. There is no happy smile when you see them together supposedly, "having a nice time". If the two of you really look back at the end of an eventful day and think that it was really very good then you are as good as gold.

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No Insecurities

A person who is insecure about his or her lover is the one who does not trust, and when there is no trust then things can become nasty. You will never allow each other to have peace and for all you know things might end due to stupid insecurities. A relationship based on trust is one that will last for a very long time.

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