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10 Signs that She Loves You

When you really want to know if a girl likes you and she isn’t saying it, look out for these 10 signs which can confirm her fondness for you.

Snr By Ariba Khaliq / Jan 06, 2014

When She Doesn’t Say Anything

They say “actions speak louder than words”. When you want to know if a girl likes you or not, her actions will help you in figuring out. When a girl really likes a guy and isn’t ready to say it straight, she unintentionally gives out visible signs of love to the one. Know what those signs here are.

She is Shying around You

This is the most obvious reaction that a girl gives when she is in love. If she has suddenly turned timid while interacting with you, it confirms her fondness. Note if her cheeks flush when your eyes meet hers. To ensure it even further, talk to her face-to-face; if she looks more nervous than usual, it is likely that she is in love with you.

She Loves Spending Time with You

She treats you as her best friend. She can be quite happy spending time with just the two of you, and doesn't have to have a million other people around all the time. She makes excuses to see you, and just thoroughly enjoys being around you. She tells you her own thoughts, dreams, and is able to share ideas with you comfortably. She also turns to you when she is sad, or needs comfort too.

She Initiates a Conversation

Generally, boys start talking with girls; in an opposite situation when a girl is taking the initiative to talk with you, aside from work situations, it is very likely that girl is attracted to you, and is interested in you. She would likely ask a lot of questions. Those questions can range from small things such as your hobbies and favourite activities, to bigger matters such as your future plan.

She Starts Dressing Up

Girls usually like to dress up for wherever they are going; but when in love, they do it all the more carefully keeping in mind how the boy likes to see her. If you realize that a woman tries hard to impress you with their dresses, hairstyle, accessories, and her physical attractions, it is likely she wants to get your attention. Advice: do not miss the opportunity to compliment her looks.

Her Friends Talk about You

If you find her friends are giggling and smiling at you when you are with her, she has probably told them about you. When you’re the topic of discussion among her friends, she likes you.

She is Serious about Your Feelings

When she treats your feelings as seriously as her own, have no doubt that she likes you. Women take their feelings very seriously; as seriously as men take their sexual feelings. So, if a woman treats a man's feelings as seriously as she views her own, she's saying she loves him, simple as that.

She Puts You Above All

This one is sort of critical, because women really can truly love only one person. If you the one she deep down truly loves, than she'll always take your side and think of your needs before others who may want something from her.

She Gets Gifts for You

Giving a gift shows that a woman considers you as someone special. In any of her gifts to you, -whether it is birthday gifts, Valentine gifts, or simply a souvenir from her trip- there is affection and intimacy from her. But here, think carefully- not all gifts by a woman signify that she is in love with you. Your gifts must be different and special from what she has got for others.

She Behaves Childishly

In some cases, there are some women who actually act childish when they are in love. They will not hesitate to raise their tune of their voice, scream, jump around, or giggle loudly to draw your attention. Note also their speaking style, which at first glance would sound warmer just like a small child.

She Does Everything for You

We mean if she goes out of her way to do things for you, she is probably likes you. Women like to do things for people they care about. They like to do things even more for those they love. So, if your does things for you, and does them unasked, it's a good sign. If you find her standing right beside you in every matter, have no doubt; she loves you.


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