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10 Signs of emotional wellness

All of us go through emotional turmoil in our lives, and we blame much of this to the way we live. But actually it is simply the way we look at things. Here are 10 ways to change your emotional life.

Mental Health By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Feb 15, 2014

Way to Emotional Wellness

How often do you have an emotional breakdown? Do you ask yourself this question that whether you are emotionally healthy or not? There is after all so much to deal with in life that it is normal for us to get emotional and therefore emotional stability is missing in most of us. But emotional turmoil is not exactly the contribution of the problems in your life. The main thing is how you deal with the emotional turmoil that you are facing. Your emotional well being depends on you. Here are some signs towards your emotional wellness.

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Treating Others Well

The hallmark of emotional well being is how you treat others. If you treat other people with compassion and kindness then you are emotionally doing well. The term used by psychologists for this is prosocilaity. This basically means that you are ready to lend your hand to help someone in need and this could be the smallest of gestures, like smiling at someone when greeting that person.

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Happy being Yourself

An emotionally healthy person is someone who feels good about himself or herself. You are emotionally well off when you know your strength and your follies and you basically know yourself inside out. Such a person is also congruent, which means he or she is exactly the same from inside as he or she is from the outside. Though we shift our attitude from time to time depending on the social situation, but your overall self should be the same inside and outside.

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A Flexible Being

Those people who are emotionally well off have the ability to adapt to situations. They change according to situations that life at them and they can assess every situation with the right mind. This person can understand the situation around in accordance to the surroundings and they can take the right decisions. Flexibility is need with the different kinds of people that we meet every day in our lives, and a person with good emotional state can do this well.

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Sense of Gratitude

When you are doing well emotionally then it gets easy for you to show gratitude for the people and the things that you have in your life. This is basically thankfulness for all that you have by your side. Holding gratitude is a good way to look at your life with appreciation and this makes a person feel positive about his or her life. This is also a key factor for your relationship well being and by showing gratitude to your near ones means they matter to you and that you care for them.

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Life has Meaning

You give meaning to your life when you live a life which has some meaning and purpose to it. A person who is emotionally well off have a mission or a larger meaning to his or her life. This usually happens when you use your strengths to achieve what you believe. You could be volunteering with kids or involved in active politics, or may be part of a religious group.

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In Touch with Emotions

A person who is emotionally well has embraced his or her emotions, such as sorrow, joy, anger, anxiety, fear and so on. These emotions become a natural part of his or her life and do not stand out to cause chaos. The important part is that these emotions do not stand on the way and hinder your daily life, and unfortunately most of us do not come to terms with our emotions. This causes problem most times.

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You are not Materialistic

Most people who are emotionally well off are not in need of possessions and materials. They are more interested regarding experiences and the relationships that they have. When it finally boils down to what he or she values in his or her life it is most definitely experiences and relationships over wealth, popularity and attractiveness. People who are running behind getting material possessions are more often emotionally handicapped.

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Not Depended on Anyone

A person who is emotionally well does not depend on anyone. Most people who are struggling with their emotions are found to be depended on someone or something. It could be dependency on a person or even drugs, and alcohol. People who are in sync with their emotions do not need someone or something to lean on to.

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Physically Healthy

A person who is emotionally well is also physically healthy because he or she practices good habits like eating the right food, sleeping on time and exercising. People who are not emotionally well off are often found to be suffering from obesity and ill health. The two are very closely connected and it is very much important that you maintain good health if you really want to be emotionally well off.

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Is Capable of Loving

When a person is emotionally strong he or she is capable of giving and receiving love. This sharing of love can happen with his or her peers, lovers, relatives, sibling, parents, and friends and so on. Giving love is a selfless beautiful thing that every emotionally strong man is capable of.

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