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10 Signs of Attraction in the First Conversation

What are the odds of getting attracted to someone the first time you meet him or her? Let's find out.

Dating By Arka Roy ChowdhuryOct 27, 2014

Signs of Attraction

What are the odds of getting attracted to someone the first time you meet him or her? We say that the odds run high. The first conversation with a new person is like the first time Columbus discovers America. Everything about this person is new, everything is a relevation to the unknown, you never knew that this person existed before this day. On meeting such a person there is every possibility that you would get attracted to him or her, their way to talking, looking, smiling, their body, their eyes, their hair, these can hypnotise you. Remember, love is just what we cling on to, every great love story in fact starts with fatal attraction, starts with lust and desire. But, how do you know that there is attraction between you two?
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Can't Take Eyes Off

Yeah well, with all the hullabaloo about staring at women, this could be running on a thin line. This is different from the stares you get on the streets, especially girls. There are times when we get so mesmerised by looking at someone, that we do not know what we are doing. We instantly get hooked, and are unable to stop looking deep inside those big brown eyes. Yes, attraction for sure.
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Personal Questions

Here is another great indicator that he or she is attracted towards you. Personal questions like, your dating history, your present dating scene, your likes and your dislikes could all mean that he or she is attracted to you. Anything which is overly personal to you can mean that he or she has a liking for you and wants to enter your life!
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Hints on being Single

This person with whom you are talking for the first time is definitely into you if he or she clearly shows you that he or she is single. This means that they will leave no stone unturned to imply their singlehood. There is every possibility that he or she will also narrate about his or her's heartbreak. So, as and when you see this sign, you will know the answer!
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The Smile Never Stops

When we happen to like someone, we cannot help but smile. This is especially true for those who are newly in love, and well in all honesty, having a person whom you find attractive around you can have the same effect. You will find that this person does not stop smiling because he or she is so much thrilled to have you around. The attraction only grows by the minute, and before long this person actually begins to churn a love story.
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Ending Interruptions Quickly

Here is another great sign for you! Interruptions and distractions such as phone calls or messages are easily swept aside by this person, or even more, he or she does not even pay any heed to them when in a conversation with you. This definitely means only one thing, that he finds you attractive and is in fact pretty interested!
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The Conversation is Dragged

If you find that your conversation with this person has been dragged beyond what it was meant to be, then you are in trouble. By stretching the conversation he or she is attempting to hang around with you for longer. By asking you to come along for a coffee he or she is actually saying a lot. Therefore, you should be able to see these signs, and play along!

Pays Compliments

Now the truth is that we do not always pay compliment to everyone around us all the time, and this is why you take it to be something special if he or she pays you one. Think of it for once, he is complimenting you on the very first day! This simply means that he or she is smitten by you and is really very attracted to you. This person means business when he or she tells you that you look great!
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