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10 Signs He's in Love with you

Here are some sure signs that he likes you and wants to be with you. You can stop guessing.

Dating By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Apr 16, 2014

Understanding Him

It is tiring to pluck petals from a flower and gamble about love. To repeat in a monotonous fashion, "he loves me, he loves me not" until the last petal has been plucked and thrown away is horrible. Then again, you do not know whether he actually likes you, you are wondering whether he does and you do not have an answer. So, here we are yet again to save your life, to save your time and to get you rid of anxiety.

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He Remembers

When a guy likes you then one sure sign is that he will remember your likes and dislikes and would surprise you with it. If there is a movie that you really want to watch, he will get it for you and surprise you! This shows that he wants to impress you and win your heart, it shows that he is smitten!

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He Talks to his Friends about you

This is a sure deal breaker. If a guy talks to his friends about you then you know that he is very much smitten. But of course he should be talking good stuffs about you or mentioning you in every other sentence. Men do not go this very easily and so you are a lucky one!

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He is Smitten by your Beauty

You know that he is in love if he does not stop praising your beauty. First it would be your eyes, then your lips, then your neck, then your hands, then your smile, and he will be all praise for you. If he is always telling you that you are very beautiful then you should know that he likes you, he likes you very much in fact.

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He wants you to meet his Friends

The boy who likes you will want you to meet his friends. He is excited about you meeting his friends because he wants everyone to see what a great girl you are. So if he suggests that you should hang around with him and the boys then well, he likes you!

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He lends a Helping Hand

If you need a help he will try to lend that helping hand. Even if it is beyond his means, he will at least make an effort to help you. A guy who likes you will definitely lend a helping hand when you are in trouble. The best part is, you do not even have to ask him to help you, he just will!

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He Tells you Stuff

When a guy likes you, he would want to share his stories with you, from a mundane event to something extraordinary that once happened to him as a child. You will know he likes you when he is telling you stuffs about himself. If you like him too, you should listen carefully!

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He loves to Tease you

If this guy likes you then he will love to tease you and he will every time you do a goofy thing. But this sort of a tease is not the one where you would run to the bathroom to cry your eyes out. You would laugh until your stomach aches!

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He Picks you over his Boys

If he has to go for a boy's night out he will reach there late because he wants to be with you. Or better still he ditches them completely to spend the night with you, he is willing to watch the movie according to your choice and forget all about the booze and the crazy boy stuff!

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He is Passionate in Bed

There is a big difference between having sex and making love. Making love is passionate sex, it is about loving every inch of your body and giving your pleasure. You can practically feel his body and soul making physical love to you. If he makes intimate love to you then well, he surely does like you and is in love.

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You Trust Him

If you can trust him and feel completely free around him then well he is the one. If he can trust you in return then there is nothing better than that. The trust factor is very important when it comes to a relationship.

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