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10 Reasons Why Your Life is Lacking the “Bang-Bang”

The fact that you don’t have sex anymore is cause for alarm. Know what the reasons behind it are.

Snr By Ariba Khaliq / Apr 25, 2014

Is there no “Action” in Your Life?

Sex, or lack of it can become a problem in a relationship. At first, the frequency becomes less and less until one day, the couple stops and realizes just how long it’s been since they’ve been intimate. When the sex stops, it usually stops for a few basic reasons. (Image source:Getty)

Lack of non-sexual intimacy

For women in particular, emotional intimacy is often closely tied to sexual intimacy if there is excessive conflict or emotional disconnect in the relationship, a woman may shut down sexually. The male sex drive can also be impacted by similar dynamics. (Image source:Getty)

Stress or exhaustion

Physical and emotional exhaustion from work, child care or other factors can drain both men and women. By assuming additional work on your end or by being supportive, help your partner to rebound quickly and have more sexual energy. (Image source:Getty)

Body image issues

Feeling physically desirable helps reduce inhibitions and makes sex more appealing. Weight gain, aging and pregnancy can impact self-image so can low self-esteem or body image issues. But both men and women can feel self-conscious about their looks. Be sure to compliment your partner’s appearance both in sexual and nonsexual contexts. (Image source:Getty)

Lack of Intimacy

When affection is only demonstrated in the context of sex, women in particular can feel used. Infuse your relationship with plenty of affection apart from sex or even foreplay. Casual hugs, kisses and nonsexual massages can help bring you closer together. (Image source:Getty)


Alcoholism is a common culprit behind diminished sexual interest and performance in men. Some prescription medications, even when used properly, can also have unfortunate sexual side effects. Be aware of these side effects and encourage your partner to seek help for any unhealthy dependencies. (Image source:Getty)


For couples battling infertility, sex can quickly begin to feel like a chore and an unproductive one at that. Sex can feel unromantic and regimented. The emotional toll can further diminish one’s interest in sex. No matter how badly you want children, try not to fixate on fertility to the extent that sex becomes merely a discipline. (Image source:Getty)

Hormone levels

A woman’s hormone levels naturally fluctuate throughout the month, making her somewhat more or less inclined towards sex at various points. Pregnancy, lactation and menopause can also impact hormone levels. (Image source:Getty)

Physical constraints

Back problems, chemotherapy, chronic pain, and post-pregnancy complications are just a few of the physical conditions that can affect your partner’s desire and ability to have sex. Be understanding of these limitations and find creative and sustainable means to engage with each other sexually. (Image source:Getty)


Resentment is probably the one element that can erode a relationship more effectively than any other, because it causes one to see the other person as an opponent or enemy rather than a friend or ally. (Image source:Getty)

Loss of Interest

If he or she is happily and successfully swimming through most parts of their life but simultaneously seem to have little interest in sex with you, it’s very possible that the problem is detachment due to losing interest. (Image source:Getty)


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