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Reasons Why you should Choose Natural Birth Control

Natural birth control methods are as reliable as other types of contraceptives if used correctly. Get to the basics of each type to figure out the one that you should use.

Snr By Himanshu SharmaJun 03, 2014

Going Natural

Natural birth control methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. When you approach one such kind of a contraceptive, you acknowledge the use of no drugs or side-effects. Natural birth control methods also help us to closely understand the way fertility works. Besides, they are as reliable as other types of contraceptives if used correctly. (Image source:Getty)

They are COMPLETELY Safe

The idea of artificially changing the hormones doesn’t please many women. So, this comes as good news to them that natural birth control methods use no artificial chemicals or hormone therapy to prevent pregnancy. (Image source:Getty)

Natural = Free of Cost or Inexpensive

Natural family planning methods such as lactational amenorrhoea or the standard days method are free of cost considering that they are inevitable and naturally occuring. Among other approaches that take your basal body temperature require an inexpensive one-time purchase. This is quite less in comparison with the other methods of birth control. (Image source:Getty)

Side-effects? Not at all!

Women report side-effects such as mood- swings, depression or painful periods when taking hormonal birth control. Natural methods of birth control have none of these side-effects since you don’t add any chemicals to your body. (Image source:Getty)

They are Reversible

There are natural birth control methods that are reversible. If you decide to have a baby, you can pregnant using fertility awareness. On the other hand, hormonal methods can take a while to get out of your system so that you can become a mother. (Image source:Getty)

Acceptable to all Faiths

The use of hormonal or barrier birth control methods is prohibited in some religions. Natural methods of family planning are acceptable to those of any faith. (Image source:Getty)

They can be Easily Learnt about

Family planning methods that are natural in nature are not that difficult to learn. Thousands of couples have been using this method effectively. There are courses to get acquainted with and use natural birth control to prevent pregnancy. (Image source:Getty)

Consider your Lifestyle

When you are considering natural birth control options, you should take into account the kind of lifestyle you live. It requires a tremendous effort on your part; natural birth control may not be the best option for those with busy lifestyle. (Image source:Getty)

Hear the Experts

If natural birth control is what you wish to use to prevent pregnancy, you should make an appointment with your doctor to know all the pros/cons of each method. The expert will guide you after knowing your family planning goals, work schedule, frequency of intercourse and pattern of your cycles. (Image source:Getty)

The Bottom Line

You have to consider the advantages as well as disadvantages of each type of birth control to think about what is most important and effective. Only after you know that should you make the decision. (Image source:Getty)

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