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10 Reasons you should avoid energy drinks

While the energy drinks get the heart pumping and keep the eyes wide open, they may have significant effects on the body. Here are the reasons why you must avoid energy drinks.

Exercise & Fitness By Editorial Team / Jan 21, 2014

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks give you an instant energy boost that you need to keep up with a busy schedule. There are millions who are taking advantage of the popular beverages. While the drinks get the heart pumping and keep the eyes wide open, they may have significant effects on the body.

Provides sugar in excess

The energy drinks contain excessive amounts of sugar that may impair the absorption of fluids and there is a risk of becoming dehydrated. Besides, sugar may suppress the immune system and raise insulin levels.

Caffeine’s effect on the body

It might seem a good idea to substitute your morning coffee with an energy drink, but it isn’t a healthy choice. The energy drinks have much caffeine that can affect health in many ways.

Gives you dehydration

The energy drinks containing caffeine can make your body to lose fluids. Caffeine is a diuretic or a substance which causes frequent urination.

Alcohol and energy drinks - a dangerous combo

Combining alcohol and energy drinks is a risky behaviour. It can make one consume excessive amounts of alcohol and excessive amounts of caffeine. The consequences can be disastrous.

Causes insomnia

Sometimes, the energy drink’s energy boost to get you through the day lingers on through the night. You end up sleepless and the same vicious circle may go on.

Long-term effects

The popularity of energy drinks is increasing at an alarming rate, but many are not aware of the long term effects of such beverages. The consumption of energy drinks is tied to liver conditions, cardiovascular diseases and mental problems.

Affects the mood

The consumption of caffeine has been found to lower the serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is also referred to as a feel good neurotransmitter of the body, as it affects mood.

Stresses organs

When you take a sip of the energy drink, your organs get a signal to work even when they are exhausted. This stresses out your organs as they don’t get time to relax.

Affects heart rate

Caffeine intake stimulates the neurons and the pituitary gland releases adrenaline, making the heart beat faster. Sometimes, it may lead to high blood pressure and heart palpitations.

Causes dizziness

Energy drinks release adrenaline into the system, making the liver to release extra sugar into the bloodstream for energy. As a consequence, a feelings of dizziness or slowed reflexes may occur.


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