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10 Reasons Not To Diet

Dieting is not a solution to your problems. It only helps you for the time being with a higher risk of damages than benefits. There are lot of reasons why you should avoid dieting and switch to a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Exercise & Fitness By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Dec 02, 2014


Dieting is nothing more than just a temporary solution to your weight problem. While food deprivation cannot be a solution to any problem, it may, on the other hand, have several negative effects. You may already have noticed yourself gaining weight as soon as you stop dieting. Even scientists have always recommended avoiding dieting as most of the studies have shown it to only promote heath problems on the longer run. Here are some specific reasons why you should avoid dieting. Moreover, there are always healthy ways to get lean and fit such as by cycling and jogging. Dieting too frequently may also take a toll on your metabolism and natural immune response. Image Courtesy: Getty

It is Not a Solution

Dieting doesn't work well with any health plan. It is just a temporary phase which will end sooner or later. If dieting was ever a solution to your weight problems, you would only have to diet once in your lifetime. However, it doesn't work that way. Dieting is not a permanent solution as its effects would only last for a couple of months. Once you decide to stop your course of dieting you are very likely to regain the lost weight unless you stick to a healthy and more active lifestyle. Image Courtesy: Getty

Dieting Doesn't Feel Nice

Dieting may leave you feeling dissatisfied, irritable or even angry without a reason. Your body is accustomed to eating food when it feels hungry. Dieting deprives your body of food even when it's hungry, which may leave you feeling uncomfortable and irritated. You may even end up eating more than usual under the effect of food deprivation and emotional eating. Instead of depriving yourself of food which is a fuel to your body and all its life functions, switch to a healthier lifestyle which includes a balanced healthful diet and some daily exercises. Image Courtesy: Getty

Affects your Metabolism

Dieting may appear to be one of the best shortcuts to a leaner body with a waist that is a couple of inches slimmer, however, it may cost you more than what you anticipated. Dieting has a negative effect on your metabolism. After you stop dieting and restart eating a regular diet, your body will find it harder to digest and utilize the food as effectively as it used to. Post dieting, you are more likely to gain weight even faster due to poor metabolism. Decide your long-term goals before you start dieting. You may find it better not to diet at all. Image Courtesy: Getty


Dieting is a diversion that takes your mind off to more important and healthy issues of life such as exercises and healthy balanced diet. You start living an unhealthy lifestyle without any exercises. In some cases, dieting may even become an unhealthy obsession. Don't consider dieting unless you have genuinely ruled out all other options of losing weight and getting leaner. Image Courtesy: Getty

Affects Your Social Life

We usually enjoy our meals while celebrating occasions with friends or family. It is quite common to meet people over lunch or dinner. However, when you are dieting you start avoiding all such interactions as people would otherwise ask you to eat proper meals. You are more likely to end up being less social or even a complete loner while you are dieting. People express and celebrate best with food. Dieting will force you to miss a lot more than just food. Image Courtesy: Getty

Too Many False Hopes

Dieting fills you up with so many false hopes. While you may be hopeful of losing all the fat from around your waist through dieting, you may really see these results. Too many hopes and results not meeting the expectations will leave you disappointed and unhappy with yourself. There are hardly any circumstances when it is healthy to skip food. Moreover, the hype that dieting can create in your mind will only leave you disappointed. Make sure you plan your weight loss program on the basis of the calories you are going to burn instead of trying to survive without any calories. Image Courtesy: Getty

Changes Your Life

Dieting is likely to force you to reject your current life and people present in your life, and move to a life in a world full of false expectations and hopes. You start putting everything you like on hold, until you are leaner. You would put that nice pair of jeans that you just saw and liked a lot on hold so that you can buy it a size less once you are even more lean. It will only prevent you from enjoying your life the way you want to. No wonder if people who diet often are usually sad as compared with other people. Image Courtesy: Getty

Costly Affair

Dieting resources are usually costlier options as compared with running or cycling daily to lose weight. You should avoid spending money on new diet books, diet charts, special foods or training programs. Spending money on healthful food that can satisfy your hunger and help you get important minerals and vitamins is a wise move, however, spending fortunes just to avoid food and stay hungry is not a wise investment of your hard earned money. Image Courtesy: Getty


Dieting is a temporary solution. As soon as you stop dieting, you are likely to start gaining weight which will leave you with even more self-esteem issues. You may start having negative thoughts about yourself. Once you realize that your dieting has gone in vain as you have once again gained weight, you are more likely to feel bad. It may eventually turn to feelings of self-doubt. With time you may end up becoming less and less confident. Image Courtesy: Getty-

Sweat More

Dieting may do more harm than good to your body and overall health. Instead of dieting for the sake of losing weight, switch to healthier lifestyle habits and foods. Plan your diet according to your body's needs and start working out. A simple daily exercise such as cycling and swimming can be an easy and better solution to your weight problems. Also, as for the diet plan, speak to your doctor or dietician to help you devise an accurate plan. Image Courtesy: Getty



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