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10 Raw Food Staples to Keep You Healthy On a Budget

Looking for a healthy diet that doesn't weigh much on your pocket? These food staples can help you get the essential minerals and vitamins without blowing your budget out of proportions.

Exercise & Fitness By Meenakshi Chaudhary / May 21, 2014

Healthy Diet

A beginner might find raw vegan diet too expensive or two complicated but as you get experienced, it becomes easy for you to discover and shop your staples. All you need to do is to stick with fresh and simple recipes to have a healthy lifestyle in a short time. Here is the list of raw food staples that keep you healthy on a budget. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Garlic boosts immune system function, fights illnesses and kills bad bacteria. It can add amazing flavor to salads, dressings, soups and other raw dishes. Add garlic to your dishes to make them tastier and healthier. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Dark leafy green vegetables are considered as the great source of minerals, nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants. Kale is considered as one of the most nutritious and accessible leafy greens that you can add in your diet. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Apple not only contains essential nutrients but also contain compounds called phytochemicals. Water soluble fiber abundant in apples helps detoxify your bowels and keep you regular. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Ginger reduces inflammation, aids in digestion and alleviates high blood pressure. It is a powerful and healthy way to punch up the flavor profile of raw meals is to add fresh ginger. Like garlic, it can take your salads, dressings, soups and other raw dishes to another level. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Tomatoes contain essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Consumption of tomatoes on regular basis can help conditions like bone loss, cancer, diabetes, kidney stones, heart attack and obesity. They also contain beta- carotene, folic acid and vitamins A, C, and E. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Berries are the powerhouses of vitamins and antioxidants. They are low in calories and great in taste thereby help you in weight loss. Hop on fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries, blackberries and cranberries whenever they are in season. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Bananas are known to carry high content of potassium which is not only good for nerve and muscle function but also help in maintaining a healthy balance of fluids in the body. Bananas also contain good amount of vitamin C, vitamin B-6, fiber, manganese and other nutrients. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are packed with omega-3 content that helps to reduce inflammation, enhance cognitive performance, reduce high cholesterol and lower the risk of heart diseases. Chia seeds also contain water-soluble fiber that assists in removing toxins, regulating bowel function and blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol levels. Besides, these super seeds are packed with antioxidants, calcium, magnesium and manganese. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Unlike most of the fruits and veggies, avocadoes are high in calories. Although all fats are not equal so it’s always better to avoid refined oils but we still need some fat in our diet to sustain healthy bodily functions. Avocados are one of the best sources of healthy monounsaturated fat. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Lemon is very alkalizing, therefore helps you balance the body pH. It also aids in digestion, helps boost the immune system, is high in vitamin C, citric acid, calcium and magnesium. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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