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10 Questions to ask yourself When You Have Intensely Negative Emotions

Are you feeling way too low to do anything? Don’t let things stay negative, start asking yourself some questions to fix the problems and get happier.

Mental Health By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Nov 24, 2014

Feeling forever Negative? You are not Alone

It is completely normal to feel low and have negative emotions. So, how should you deal with it when you are always low and full of negative thoughts? Here are some questions you should ask yourself in such times. Image Courtesy: Getty

Am I to Blame?

Before you really start blaming yourself for anything bad that has happened in your life, do a reality check to figure out if you have caused it or not. Don’t be rough on yourself by blaming yourself for everything negative that happens in your life. Image Courtesy: Getty

Am I Responsible Enough?

No matter who is to blame for the negative emotions, you have to be responsible for your part in it. Instead of blaming yourself, take full responsibility of what you did or didn’t do and resolve the problem. Image Courtesy: Getty

Why Is this Really Happening?

Once you own up to your responsibilities, you should also ask yourself why all of this is happening to you. Did you make a mistake or forget something? It could only be a small mistake or a little ignorance on your part. Image Courtesy: Getty


Why Am I Feeling Negative?

Is it guilt, fear or the dissatisfaction with failure? Try to understand the actual feeling and the reason behind it. Once you have identified the reason, you will be able to handle things better. You will be able to face it and improve the situation. Image Courtesy: Getty

Why am I Protecting Myself?

If the emotions are coming from a sense of fear or guilt, it is likely that you are feeling an urge to protect yourself from whatever comes next. You might be trying to avoid confronting others, but doing so will only make the negative emotions last longer. Image Courtesy: Getty

Can I Think Straight?

It’s completely normal to be unable to think straight in situations when you are feeling low and negative. Most of us feel like that. However, don’t feel trapped; you will soon be able to figure out your way out of the negative moments. Image Courtesy: Getty

Am I Sharing My Problems?

If you have stopped sharing your problems with people close to you, you have taken a bad decision. So, take an initiative and share your heart out with your friends or family. You will feel a lot better after sharing your feelings with your folks. Image Courtesy: Getty

Is there a History?

One of the worst things that bother people when they are low is a history of similar bad situations. Ask yourself if all those old problems are still bothering you, making every next problem much worse to handle. If that is the case, share everything from your past with your family or friends to let it go.  Image Courtesy: Getty

Shall I Forgive?

If you are angry with yourself or anyone else, consider forgiving. Unless you are sure that it is not worth forgiving, you should let things go. Forgive and move on with your life. Image Courtesy: Getty

Have I Changed?

Don’t let anything change you. Have you stopped loving your people or taking care of yourself?  Following the normal course of life will help you get over with the negative emotions. Image Courtesy: Getty


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