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10 People Every Woman Should Keep in Her Inner Circle

Here are the 10 kinds of folks that should be there in a woman’s inner circle to make life saner, more meaningful, and more fun.

Dating By Ariba Khaliq / May 07, 2014

The Key Type BFFs

They are the peanut to your butter, the twinkle in your eye, the shake to your bake and the blue in your sky. A woman has lots of friends and she loves them all; but every friend can’t do it all. Some lend a shoulder to cry on, some are always up for fun; some will always accompany you to shopping and some can be your strength pillar. It’s a good idea to fill your life with a variety of people you can rely on. Here are the 10 kinds of folks that should be there in a woman’s inner circle to make life saner, more meaningful, and more fun. Image Source: Getty Images.


The Childhood Friend

Or as we Indians like to call them “Chuddy-buddy”- you may not talk to them much but always pick up right where you left off. This is one person who will be available for you at 3 am in the night even if you haven’t spoken in months. You share a connection that makes each other more like family than just friends. Their number should always be on your speed-dial list. Image Source: Getty Images.


The Crony

This is the non-judging friend on whom you can count upon to keep a secret. She is a good listener and would keep up with you through long phone calls. She would explore every angle of a situation and would offer wise reassurances. Basically, you can just go and vent out your frustration whenever you want to and she will nicely listen. Image Source: Getty Images.


The Social Butterfly

She coordinates brunch get-togethers and girls’ nights out. She is smart, beautiful, successful or all of, the above. You look up to her and aspire to be more like her. Everyone likes her coz she has the gift of the gab.  Image Source: Getty Images.


The Mentor

A mentor can be anybody in your like- a professor, a family friend, a boss, or even your parents- they push you to go the extra mile in your career and in life. This person recognizes your strengths that you are not aware of. They may provide opportunities for networking and encourage you to try new things. Image Source: Getty Images.


The Caring Soul

A caregiver is invaluable- this person has seen your most vulnerable states. It may be a trusted neighbour, a relative who has helped look after your ageing parent or your child, or a sibling who has been your pillar of strength. Even if this person isn’t your family member, you trust them like one. Image Source: Getty Images.


The Online Chum

You might never have met this person but you can tell them everything and they totally get you. You friendship with them is easy and effortless. You two just ‘click’ and are just a click away. They wouldn’t try to change you and will never judge you. Every woman needs an online chum who just gets her. Image Source: Getty Images.


The Gay Best Friend

They assure you that you are fabulous, support you in all your enterprises, and help you pick out the perfect outfit. With him, you also are at the freedom to be yourself without fearing that you will be hit upon. So, go out with him and let your hair down. Image Source: Getty Images.


The Crush

Every girl (even those in long-term relationships) needs that one person they can drool over - whether it's a co-worker or movie star. Having a crush allows a woman to live out fantasies she can't otherwise share - whether it is because she is not in a real relationship or in a dreamy one. Image Source: Getty Images.


The Motivator

When you're depressed, this friend makes you get your ass off the couch, put on your tightest jeans and highest heels and go out drinking with her. When you're bored, she'll suggest a wild adventure, whether it's a flying trapeze school or an impromptu road trip. Image Source: Getty Images.


The Love of Your Life

He's seen you at your best and worst and after all of that he's still holding your hand. This boyfriend or husband can still make you laugh and even make you swoon from time to time. This man encompasses all the qualities of each of the people listed above: he is the 'all in one.’ Image Source: Getty Images.


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