10 New Recipes with Green Tea

Jul 01, 2014

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    Health Benefits of Green Tea

    Native to China and India, the health benefits of green tea have found their popularity in the US only recently. Green tea is made from un-oxidized leaves and is one of the less processed types of tea (with white tea being the least) and therefore, contains one of the most important antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols. Here are some unique and delicious ways to incorporate green tea in your meals. Image Courtesy: Getty

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    Bored of cooking your oatmeal with the same flavour daily? Here’s how you can spice it up. Mix your favourite instant oats with a green tea bag steeped in boiling water. And, then prepare them as usual. You won’t believe what the little tea bag can do to your taste buds. Image Courtesy: http://www.shape.com/



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    Whirl green tea powder with grapeseed oil, apple cider, or rice vinegar and a dash of salt and pepper and mix this powder with your vinaigrette. Dress your salad with this to give it a tasty coating of green tea signature essence. Image Courtesy: http://www.shape.com/



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    Blending green tea powder with low-fat vanilla yogurt, banana, and a handful of frozen berries can refuel you after a workout like nothing else. Can’t wait to make and drink this ice-cold shake? Read the full post before you go anywhere. Lots of recipes are coming up. Image Courtesy: http://www.shape.com/



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    Just like Japanese dish Ochazuke, you can pour green tea over cooked rice and then top your bowl with mouth-watering ingredients. The nourishing properties of green tea are soaked by each mouthful of rice drop by drop.  Image Courtesy: http://www.shape.com/



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    For a sparkling thirst quencher, dissolve a teaspoonful (or more!) of green tea powder into hot water, then stir in ice cubes and ginger ale. The liquid blend is an antioxidant powerhouse, perfect for a quick pick-me-up. Image Courtesy: http://www.shape.com/



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    Get it right with Green Eggs and Ham; mix a teaspoon of matcha (green tea powder) with coarse sea salt and generously sprinkle the nutritious seasoning over poached or scrambled eggs. Image Courtesy: http://www.shape.com/



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    Your children love cookies and you are worried they aren’t a healthy option. Let’s make them just that. Mix a spoonful or two of green tea powder with your cookie batter for naturally baked biscuits with a subtle earthy flavour that your kids will love. Image Courtesy: http://www.shape.com/



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    Crush some green tea powder with your favourite nuts and use it as a marination on your favourite fish before baking it. This healthy food option bursts with flavour and deliciously crunchy texture. Image Courtesy: http://www.shape.com/



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    Toss chopped veggies such as bell peppers or broccoli and whole-wheat noodles in a spicy combo of minced garlic, chilli flakes, and a pinch of already-brewed green tea leaves. Cook in a wok over medium heat, ensuring the fragrant tea is fully absorbed in this heart-healthy dish. Image Courtesy: http://www.shape.com/



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    Iced Tea

    Brewing your favourite green tea with lemon juice can spike up the original iced tea recipe. Just add a sprig of fresh peppermint too for that tangy, minty zing you crave for. Image Courtesy: http://www.shape.com/