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10 Inspirational Mantras to Help You Reconnect With Your Dreams

Everyone wants to create the life they want and live out their dreams. Here's how you follow your heart, forget about your fears and do all you can to live a dream.

Mental Health By Himanshu Sharma / Apr 21, 2014

Reclaim your Dream

Achievers are great dreamers! Everyone wants to live out their dreams, and create the life they want. It seems difficult at first, but nothing is impossible when you follow your heart, forget about your fears and do all you can to live a dream. (Image source:Getty)

Dream about your Dream

You should fantasize often about the extraordinary future you wish for. This is not just the way to get in touch with your dream; doing so will make you feel a bit more alive when you imagine yourself with success. Think about it, whenever you can. (Image source:Getty)

Do the Research to Break the Ice

Do the research relating to your dream. Dig in; read books, browse the internet and do the things that will get you on course. Read the stories of those who have lived their dreams or those who have done or are doing what you want to do. Take notes to learn how you can do the same. (Image source:Getty)

We are Social Beings, We Need Support

Make a group, community or a forum. Ask your peers and pals about your dreams and the support you need. There are people who care about you; they will care about your dreams for sure. (Image source:Getty)

Get Rid of That Negative Energy around You

You should not make any delay in saying goodbye to the obstacles you are facing or you may face down the road. Identify the negatives and get rid of them as soon as you can so that nothing stands in the way of your dreams. (Image source:Getty)

Only you can Bring a Change

Don’t get trapped in your life and put your dreams take the back seat. Make changes in your life so that you keep inching closer to your dreams. Break the shackles that keep you from pursuing your dreams or living them. (Image source:Getty)

Kick Start your Journey, Today!

Now that you’ve made the plan, don’t delay anymore in beginning the voyage. Just get everything together that keeps you on track. Make your dream your priority! Rest of the things will take care of themselves. (Image source:Getty)

Where There's a Will, There's a Way

If you think the odds are against you, you’re too old, have no money and no resources, there is no will at all for the way out. Even if you get a less-than-supportive response from those around you, challenge them. You must believe in your dreams and have faith in you to get to the other side. (Image source:Getty)

Have Patience and Perseverance, Success is Bound to Come

A dream may take long and test your patience. When nothing seems to be working the way you had wished for, don't give up hope. Don’t walk away from problems. Just be patient and keep putting in efforts. The storm will pass, the spring will come. (Image source:Getty)

If ‘plan A’ didn't Work, Go with ‘plan B’

You need to be flexible. At any point of time, if you are sure that you aren’t sailing in the right direction, change it. Not every time things go as we plan them, this is why you need to review your progress from time to time. Evaluate your strategies and tactics. When they don’t work, try another approach. (Image source:Getty)

Take Time to Take Care of Yourself

It is extremely important to take good care of your mind and body, even when you're pressed for time and attention. To be in top physical and mental shape, eat healthily, exercise daily, get adequate sleep and allow your mind to rest. It is as crucial as other mantras for pursuing success. (Image source:Getty)


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