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10 Horrible Things That can Ever Happen to your Eyes

The eyes are the most sensitive organs of our body. And being so, they can bring upon a lot of complications. Here are some of the horrible things that can happen to your eye.

Eye Disorders By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Mar 21, 2014

Mommy didn't Tell You This

Everytime you sat two inches away from the TV or challenged yourself to look at the sun with your naked eyes, your mommy warned you of terrible consequences, but did she ever tell you to stop rubbing eyes because it could take you straight to the emergency room? No, we are sure. Well, just putting slight pressure on the eyes can cause permanent damage to the nerves, distort the vision, etc.

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Missed Target

Imagine you were playing a game of darts with your friends all stoned or drunk and while your friend was at it, he went off target and threw the dart at you, hitting your eyes by mistake. What could possibly get worse? An eye puncture and a visit to the hospital to break the dawn of fun.

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Lens and Water:A Lethal Combination

There are some days you forget to buy a bottle of contact lens solution to store your lenses in and with every drop of solution drained from the old bottles, you are left with nothing but water. Now if you store your contact lenses in water or wear them while swimming, you expose the lenses to microbes present in the water that tend to cling on to the lenses, thus, increasing your chances of developing ulcer in the corneas and serious loss of vision.


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Shock from Beer Bottle

Or any glass bottle for that matter. You must have tried to cap off a beer bottle using the edge of the table. While this may have seemed like a better option than taking the cap off with your teeth, the truth says otherwise. The glass splinters from the broken top of the bottles can easily come in contact with your eyes and lead to serious eye problems.

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Tearing of Cornea

Cornea is a thin, clear outer covering of the eyeball, which is also referred to as the windshield of the eye. And, because the cornea is very thin it is easy to tear it just by rubbing eyes with your fingers. To make sure you are safe, avoid rubbing eyes when you wake up in the morning and after removing your contact lenses; it is during these times that the cornea is swollen due to a lack of oxygen supply.

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Exposure to hydrofluoric acid present in rust removers will cause a burning sensation in your eyes. This is because the acid is highly corrosive in natura i.e. so corrosive that it can dissolve glass. So, next time you spray a rust remover on your bike or car, keep away or wear protective glasses.

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Popping Eyes

Eye poppers are funny to don, but the truth is that reality can replicate it. Your eyes can actually get poked out of the socket because of a blunt trauma resultign from an accident. The good news is that it can be treated provided timely medical attention is sought. Most probably, the doctor will push the eyes back and give some antibiotics to prevent infections from developing.

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Permanent Blindness

If you are too lazy to remove your lenses before sleeping, you will end up being highly likely of developing bacterial infections that cause blindess if not treated immediately. Now, if your lenses are breeding the most severe of bacteria, your eyes cornea would get permanently destroyed.

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Detached Retina

Just how rubbing can cause damage to your cornea, it can permanently detach the retina. But, this will not happen with occassional rubbing, but after prolonged rubbing of eyes that builds pressure on the eyes, thus detaching the retina. Now, if the retina gets detached, you will go permanently blind. Remember that rubbing the eyes doesn't do any help but only harm.

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Globe Rupture

This is the most severe type of open injuries that permantenly impair one's visual ability or lead to permanent blindness. This may be caused by a friend's nudge or a pointed bark of a tree you were walking under.

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