10 Home Remedies for Liver Diseases

Oct 01, 2014

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    Prevent/Cure Liver Diseases with Home Remedies

    The liver is an important part of the human digestive system. The organ’s functions include food metabolism, energy storage, waste removal, detoxification, immune system support and production of chemicals. There are several things that you can do to prevent liver damage by toxic substances such as viruses, medications, genetic diseases and alcohol. Read on to know how to strengthen, repair your liver, and prevent liver diseases. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Turmeric can be extremely helpful to improve liver health. It has antiseptic properties and also acts as an antioxidant. Turmeric prevents the multiplication of viruses causing hepatitis B and C. You can simply add turmeric to your cooking or add a pinch of it to milk and drink it. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Papaya is one of the safest natural remedies for liver diseases, especially for liver cirrhosis. To keep liver-related conditions at bay, combine half teaspoonful of lemon juice with two teaspoonfuls of papaya juice and consume it every day. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar helps to detoxify the liver. When consumed before meals, it metabolises fat. There are several ways you can consume apple cider vinegar – mix a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in one glass of water or add a spoonful each of apple cider vinegar and honey to water. Drinking this two to three times a day can cleanse the liver. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

    Amla has liver-protective functions and is also a rich source of vitamin C that ensures optimal liver function. You can either eat 3-4 raw amlas a day or consume it after grating and eat with salad or curd.  (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Spinach and Carrot Juice

    A mix of spinach and carrot juice is an excellent remedy for liver cirrhosis. Combine equal parts of spinach juice and carrot juice. Drink the juice at least once every day for liver repair. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Apples and Leafy Vegetables

    The presence of pectin and anti-oxidants in apple and leafy vegetables removes toxins from the digestive tract and thus, protects the liver.  (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Dandelion Root Tea

    Dandelion root tea is one of the remedies that can promote healthy liver function. Boiling a small amount of roots in water and drinking this twice a day keeps liver diseases at bay. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Licorice Tea

    Licorice has been used in several ayurvedic preparations to cure liver conditions. To make licorice tea, grind the licorice root, add it to boiling water and strain the liquid for a few minutes. Consume the tea twice a day to prevent or get rid of liver problems. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Flax Seeds

    Owing to the presence of phytoconstituents, flax seeds prevent hormones from circulating in the blood and reduce strain on the liver. Use crushed flax seeds on your toast or salads or you may consume them along with your cereals to keep liver diseases at bay. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Avocados and Walnuts

    Including avocados and walnuts in your diet will protect your liver from diseases. The glutathione in avocados and walnut does the cleansing of toxin deposits in the liver. (Image source:Gettyimages)