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10 High Calorie Foods You Should avoid Before Bedtime

Read for a list of top 10 high calories foods that you should avoid eating before going to bed.

Exercise & Fitness By Ariba Khaliq / Jan 15, 2014

Eating Wise is the Mantra

Arghhh! That disgusting feeling of a bloated stomach and heart burn doesn’t let one sleep all night. There are certain foods, specially the high calories ones, which work adversely on your body, especially if you take them at night time. A hearty feast is sure heaven but soon, it turns out to be a dreaded monster causing discomfort and misery. Read for a list of top 10 high calories foods that you should avoid eating before going to bed.


Of course it is your favourite food; just avoid eating it at night. This easy-to-cook and very filling dish is a storehouse of carbohydrates. It is cooked with loads of cheese and oil, turning into fat when you go to bed. Our advice- stay away from it.


No, we have nothing against Italian cuisine. But just like pasta, it is loaded with carbs and fats. In today’s fast-paced life, pizza is just a phone call away, being delivered at your doorstep. Very greasy and cheesy, with ingredients that have high levels of acidity, your digestive system finds it difficult to break it down.


Sugary products like candy lead to fat build-up in your body. According to some researches, eating candy before bed time has an impact on your brain waves and they can lead to nightmares.

Red Meat

Fry it or cook it with dry gravy- red meat is always yummy. Its tasty avatars contain high amounts of protein and iron too. But, eating it just before bed time, it will do more harm than good to your body. It will prevent you from a deep, relaxing and refreshing sleep.

Dark Chocolate

Uh- oh! Sorry about this one. Though, doctors have always considered dark chocolate to be good for your brain and memory; but there is no doubt that it is a high-calorie food. Being rich in caffeine and other stimulants, it will make you more active, putting your mind to work, rather than allowing you to have a peaceful night.

Some Vegetables

When everyone is stressing on the fact that eating fruits and vegetables are best option to be healthy, you must be wondering why vegetables are added to this list. Well, certain vegetables like onions, broccoli or cabbage include high amounts of insoluble fibre in them. Consuming such vegetables at night can make you feel full for a long time and they cause excessive flatulence.


Drunken dancing may be your favourite thing to do at a party, but have you ever realised that you consume a sleep-killer in the form of alcohol? It causes night sweats, making you to wake up repeatedly. And it is very high in calories as well.


Cheeseburgers increase the natural production of acid in the stomach. You suffer from heartburn during the night. So ditch those great smacking fave cheese burgers and opt for a healthy option. We know life can be unfair sometimes!

Chilli Sauce

Just like its name, it can make your stomach go very hot. Chilli sauce is filled with proteins and slow-burning carbohydrates and it is a high-calorie food. You wouldn’t want to regret eating it, the next morning.

Fried Foods

It includes chips and other fried snacks. Not only at bed time, even at all other times, you should avoid taking processed foods. These are high calorie foods which contain monosodium glutamate in high amounts. They are linked to sleep disorders as well.


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