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10 Foreplay Techniques that will Leave Her Wanting for More

Knowing how to arouse your woman is one of the most essential parts of your sex life.

Snr By Vasudha BhatMar 18, 2014

Make Her Beg

Unlike men, women are not always ready to have sex. They need a little warm up session to prepare themselves, both mentally and physically. Hence, some good foreplay techniques can always work wonders for you when it comes to satisfying your woman.

Following is a list of some foreplay techniques which will leave her begging for more and turn your each love making session into a pleasurable one.

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Tip 1# Caress Other Parts of the Body Too

Don’t act desperate and greedy for sex. Instead of concentrating directly on her breasts, start off with caressing other parts of the body like her stomach, arms, and legs. This will give her time to prepare herself and make it look like you care for her needs too.

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Tip 2# Make Her Anticipate

Anticipation will surely heighten her senses. When she is expecting you to touch her erotic zones, this will be the time when you will start undressing her. This will leave her anticipating your next moves arousing her sexual desires.

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Tip 3# Tease Her Thighs

The nerve located at the top of her inner thigh is one of the most sensitive ones. Save it for the last and watch her breath increase rapidly while you gently touch her there. Caressing this area will stimulate her genitals and leave her craving for more.

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Tip 4# Draw a Balance Between Dirty Talking and Complementing

Excess of everything is bad. If you are complimenting her constantly, this can annoy her immensely and if you are only concentrating on dirty talks during sex it can make her feel filthy. Try to draw the right balance between both and make her feel sexy.

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Tip 5# Keep Moving

It is necessary to find the spot on her body which when caressed arouses her the most. However, each time you make love, be sure that you don’t forget her other parts of the body. If you are spending too much time touching her on one spot, this may make her feel bored.

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Tip 6# Warm Her up for Later

If you are planning to have sex after a dinner date or an outing with friends, start warming her up at places where you can’t have sex spontaneously. Touch her erogenous zones when both of you are watching a movie or just slip your hands around her waist slyly while you are having dinner at a restaurant. This will make her go wild once you are home or find an appropriate place to have sex.

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Tip 7# Use Foreplay to Re-Set Her Mood

Once you have started to have sex, it is not necessary that she will remain in mood all through the intercourse. If she starts losing her interest during sex, get back to foreplay and make her relax again.

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Tip 8# Neck Kissing

The area between her jaws and shoulder can always work as a stimulator for you. Be sensuous while caressing this area. Kiss her neck from behind gently and see her turn on.

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Tip 9# Shower Together

Taking a shower together will definitely arouse her. Rub each other with soap accompanied by a massage while touching different parts of her body.

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Tip 10# Keep Kissing

Even if you are in the middle of having sex, do not stop kissing her. Even if she likes it dirty, don’t forget that she still is a woman who likes to be loved. Your gesture will make her feel special and wanted.

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