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10 foolproof tips that guarantee the big O

An orgasm completes the sexual experience, but women are often at the raw end of the deal. This does not allow them to have one, but here we are. Some very good ways to get an orgasm for you!

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Mar 21, 2014

Reaching the O

The best sex experience is the one where both the man and woman are experiencing orgasm, but sadly most times this does not happen. Most times the woman is deprived and left asking for more, but how can this be changed? Here are ten ways in which you can be sure of getting the big O.

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The Squeezing Technique

When you are about to climax you should squeeze the muscles down there. Yes, squeeze and then release after about five seconds, and then repeat the exercise. This will create a friction against your man's penis and help to speed the process of your orgasm.

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Down, Down, Down!

Now most men tend to avoid the big thing, we are talking about going down on their ladies. Ask you man to go down on you and do a tongue and finger combo, because this one never fails. The idea is to use both simultaneously and drive you nuts!

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Back and Forth Grind

When the lady is on top of the man she should grind there. The grinding is not just any type of grinding, she should grind in circular motion back and forth. Then when she is about to climax, your man could thrust harder inside so as to hit the clitoris and create magic!

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Missionary Trick

When you are doing the missionary which is considered to be very boring, you should spread your legs out wide as much as you can and then have him grip your thighs for balance. While he is doing his deed you should rub your clitoris and this will expose and intensify your orgasm.

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Massage the Breasts

When you come close to climaxing you should put your hands on your breasts and massage them.Squeexe, pinch and do whatever that may make you feel good. Try and feel that sensation as it will greatly help you to each that spot.

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Talk Sweet

This is a great way to intensify things, talking dirty can definitely make things hot, but those sweet nothings can take you real far. Ask your man about his fantasies and visualise images about them, and this will make you both feel blissful. Try it!

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Proper Breathing

This could be very good for you, breathing correctly can be great for reaching an orgasm. Focus on your breathing and this will help you to get rid of all the unwanted thoughts and distractions. Then you should also relax your mind and body and focus on the love making with everything that you have. This will help you to reach a mind blowing orgasm.

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The Right Angle

Try to get the correct angle and position. Like when your man is on the top you should lift your legs and press your feet firmly against his shoulder as this allows the pubic bone to be directly in line with your clitoris. Grind the lower part of your body against him.

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The Doggy

This is one position which will definitely help you to reach an orgasm. Your man has to enter from behind and you need to keep a pillow on your stomach as this will raise your higher and would allow him to penetrate deeper. An explosive orgasm is what it is!

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We are coming to the most important thing, no foreplay means you are not going to be ready for love making and that means there is no orgasm. It is as simple as that, you cannot just wake up one fine morning and want to get into intercourse directly.

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