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10 Foods With Hidden Sugar

Despite of your worries about how much sugar you take every day, you may have put into your mouth foods that contain significant amount of sugar. Such hidden sugars may harm your health without you even knowing.

Exercise & Fitness By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Nov 11, 2014

Pause before you put that Spoon into your Mouth

Too much of sugar can be very harmful for your health as it may lead to complications including diabetes. Here are some foods that you love to eat despite of them containing significant amount of sugar. Image Courtesy: Getty

Fruit Yogurt

You would never trust your cup of fruit yogurt to contain lots of sugar, but it does have around 20 grams of sugar. Why else would it taste so scrumptious right from the first scoop? Avoid eating too much of fruit yogurt if you want to avoid sugar-rich foods. Image Courtesy: Getty


Sauce may contain as much as 20 grams of sugar in a cup. Next time you buy sauce from the grocery store, read the ingredients for the amount of sugar it contains. Image Courtesy: Getty


This one may not be a shocker as we all know that a can of soda is a hidden sugar bomb. We, however, fail to recognize the fact that 29 grams of sugar per 250 grams of soda is way too dangerous than we think. Image Courtesy: Getty

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits may be healthy source of several nutrients, however, they may also contain a lot of unwanted sugar.  A cup of dried fruits may contain around 50 grams of sugar. And the worst part is that most brands add this sugar to enhance taste of their dried fruits. Image Courtesy: Getty

Snack Bars

Love to eat snack bars that satiate your hunger every time you are away from food? Well, here is a bad news for you. That convenient bar may pack more than 15 grams of hidden sugar. Image Courtesy: Getty

Energy Drinks

Most energy drinks rely largely on sugar rather than caffeine. A regular can of energy drink may contain around 83 grams of sugar which makes it one of the most harmful food products. Image Courtesy: Getty

Peanut Butter

While you may like your slice of toast with peanut butter, you should also know that it may contain a lot of hidden sugar. Just read the labels and decide for yourself if you should really eat that much peanut butter. Image Courtesy: Getty


Even the classic cornflakes contain around 7g of sugar per 100g. Flavored cereals may get even worse with around 34g of sugar per 100g. Next time you count your daily sugar intake, consider your cereals too. Image Courtesy: Getty

Canned Vegetables

Canned vegetables also contain hidden sugars that are used during the manufacturing process to increase their shelf life. You should rather cook fresh vegetables and avoid that hidden sugar packed in canned vegetables. Image Courtesy: Getty

Fast Foods

Fast foods have too much of everything including sugar. Avoid eating too much of sweetened sodas, milkshakes and desserts, hamburgers, fries and burgers. Image Courtesy: Getty



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