10 First Date Dos and Donts

Jan 14, 2014

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    First Date Survival Guide

    First date involves a lot of worries and anxiety. Most people do not know right from wrong when it comes to a first date, and they end up committing mistakes. Because a first date is neither your ticket to his or her bedroom, nor is it a blueprint for your wedding. It is simply meeting a person and having a nice time over dinner or something like that.

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    Do be on Time

    You are not fashionable if you are late, and it is definitely not a virtue. When you are out on a first date you should never be late. You do not want to keep someone waiting the first time he or she is going out on a date with you. It gives a terrible impression.

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    Don’t Overdress

    While it is true that you are on a date that does not mean that you should be dressed like you are attending a wedding. You certainly have all the right to look good, but you have to make sure that you do not do anything over the top. Girls should go easy on the makeup bit; it is scary at times.

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    Do Eat

    If your date involves eating a meal, like as in lunch or dinner then you are meant to eat. Do not just sit there and stare at the walls while your plates full of food lie wanting your attention. Most girls tend to skip eating food because they think it makes them look more feminine and pretty. For all you know, you are wasting money.

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    Don’t keep Yapping

    You should not be yapping away without letting your date talk. When on a date it is important that both of you talk, and listening is equally important as talking. If you do not listen to your date then you won’t know him or her. So draw a line somewhere and let the other person speak.

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    Do be Courteous

    When the food comes, don’t just start eating, wait for your date, or you could just say, “After you”. Most such courtesies are the man’s responsibility, but women too can partake in a few. It is very important that a man is courteous to a woman as this lays the foundation for a next date. If she does not like you, she won’t bother to waste her time going out with you again.

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    Don’t Act so Needy

    The person you are dating is not your therapist or your best buddy and therefore you should cut the whole emotionally needy act. Just stop brooding and getting sentimental over exes and stop behaving like you need love. The worst kinds of people are those whose very existence is based on the need to be loved, so be cool and have fun.

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    Do Offer to help with the Bill

    Irrespective of whether you are a boy or a girl you should offer to help with the bill. Most guys actually like a girl who is not totally oblivious to the expensive date and actually offers to help. Therefore while it is true that men generally take care of the bill, a girl should always be offering to help with it.

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    Don’t get Drunk

    If the two of you are having drinks then you should make sure that you do not get drunk, this is blunder that you would want to avoid. If you are a man then this is a bad sign because then you will seem like a person who cannot hold his drinks, and if you are woman then well, it is just pathetic.

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    Do Keep the Conversation Going

    Whether you have decided to take a walk or just sit for some more time you must do all you can to keep to keep conversation going. You know your date is a disaster when the two of you are waiting in complete silence for the heavens to break down upon you. Try and identify common interests and then you can go on and on. Have fun!

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    Don’t get Busy on Phone

    This is the worst thing you can do on a date, be it a first or a last. The other person is there for you and is expecting to have a good time with you. Be respectful and stop fiddling with you phone and getting busy. Everything else can definitely wait for a few hours.

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