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10 Eating mistakes that are making you put on kilos

You may not realize what went wrong that you ended up with those extra kilos around your waist. But, there are some obvious things that you do that can lead to weight gain.

Exercise & Fitness By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Mar 27, 2017

Time to wake up friend!

If you are just starting a new diet or have been following one for a long, it is possible that you can make some old diet mistakes that can lead to weight gain. It becomes very important to know about the costly diet mistakes you have been making so that you can avoid them before it’s too late. Here is what you need to know!


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Skipping meals

You may be under the impression that skipping meals might help you in losing weight faster. In fact, you tend to eat more when you skip your meals. Our metabolism works more effectively when we eat small meals throughout the day. But, when you starve by skipping meals, you are more likely to stuff yourself later with high-calorie foods. This is one the worst mistakes that will make you fat. 


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Dining out

Did you know dining out is one of the dieting mistakes that make you fat? Yes, it makes you fat because most restaurants serve two meals on one plate. One serving of chicken ought to be about the size of a deck of cards but do you remember the last time you had chicken masala at a restaurant? Do you recall it to be huge with at least two servings of the chicken? Try avoiding dining out. But, if you can’t avoid dining out, ask for half of your food to be packed to go before it’s even served to you in order to avoid the temptation to over- indulge.


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Deleting carbs

You must have heard about popular diet plans like Atkins which involve no carbs. You may think deleting carbs would be a good idea but you are making a mistake there. Since fiber is a carb and is good for digestive system, deleting it from the diet won’t be a good idea as it may affect the functioning of your digestive system and brain.


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You can’t give up that fried potato

If you can’t quit eating unhealthy foods, you are getting yourself ready for the unwanted weight gain. You need to make sure that you keep your daily calorie intake under reasonable limits, but for that you need to make sure that you overcome such food cravings.


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Emotional eating

Well, no one can blame you for being sad but what you do when you are sad can make a huge impact on your health. Emotional eating is one of the worst things to do. You need to control yourself before it’s too late. Don’t seek solace in eating. Instead, share your problems with someone close to you.


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Uncontrolled Eating

You may be too hungry, but you cannot over eat. It’s as simple as that. Sometimes, your body takes some time to realise when it’s no longer hungry but the delay allows you a window to overeat. Such overeating may not be harmful under rare circumstances, but if done frequently, it can lead to lot of weight gain and other harmful side-effects on your health.


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Calorie Excess Diet

You need to get only as many calories as you need for the normal functioning of your body. Eating a calorie rich diet that offers way too many calories daily can lead to quick weight gain without you even realizing what’s coming. Eat a balanced diet that offers only the required amount of calories.


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Nut Love

If you are fond of nuts and can be easily found crunching on them now and then, you are very likely to get ample protein supply. But you are also likely to get too many calories than you actually need. Most nuts are calorie-dense and only a handful of nuts daily can do enough damage to your waistline. Don’t quit eating nuts, it’s a good habit. Just eat only as many as you may need.


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Ironically, dieting is one of the most misinterpreted terms. Dieting means to eat balanced diet meeting the requirements of the body. But most people, especially women, take dieting for food deprivation. They keep themselves deprived of food to lose weight but it only affects their overall health and increases the risk of putting on even more weight than what they are likely to lose. If you are dieting and not losing weight, there are at least 10 reasons why that is happening and all, unfortunately, are related to your diet itself. Experts say that the truth behind dieting that does not work is that even when someone is really dieting, they may be taking more calories than they ever did.


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Trying to finish eating ASAP

You will not be thinner or fatter if you finish your meal fast. There is no reward whatsoever for finishing a meal unless you are participating in a contest. Rapid eating is an unhealthy habit that we have all taken up to as a result of out hectic schedules. It is important for you to savour what is on your plate, feel the taste of every bite and get signals from your brain before you are already overeating.


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Trading food for liquid calories

Dieting does not mean avoiding eating food and drinking whatever your throat pleases. Liquid calories are the most drunk by dieters and these include smoothies, alcohol, sugar, cream and sweetened juices, sodas and teas. A recent study showed that Americans get about 21 percent of their total calorie intake from beverages. Switch from beverages that have lots of calories in them to water, skim milk, club soda, and small portions of 100 percent fruit juice. Drink alcohol in moderation.


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Eating mindlessly

A lot of us try to clean others' plates one's ours is over in an attempt to avoid wastage, but when you are dieting it is important to checking your waistline instead of trying to keep a check on how much food is being wasted. When small portions of the food on your plate get multiplied, they add more calories.

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High-calorie toppings

Having a base of boiled vegetables salad is no fun till you put a layer of cream on top of it. Now, this attitude will take you no where. You have got to earn that perfect waistline because with such dieting techniques you will never see yourself slimming. You have a choice here, either go with a low-fat cream topping or nothing at all.

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Overloading on fruit juice consumption

Drinking fruit juice when you are dieting may seem nice because for one, fruits do not have so many calories as a hamburger and two, they are natural. But, the truth is that fruit juice is not what it looks like. It is just a little bit more of water mixed with sugar and fruit concentrate. Yes, in most fruit juices, there isn't  a real fruit, but chemicals that taste just like fruits.


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Not reading through the labels

When you are dieting, you should not just read through the words on the label of food, but read through them. A lot of manufacturers of high-sugar foods mislead people through the labels on food products. Because a lot of people do not know much about nutrition, they fall into the trap. The real deal is to read about the different ingredients that make up each food item. Yes, that would be strenuous and time-taking, but it will reduce your waistline.


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